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  1. No It wasn't in my old save. I just made an artificial cave and after that laterite spawned
  2. Hello, I have a weeiiird problem because a laterite ore just popped up in my base it wasn't there before, this also happened with plants like fumers and poppers. Q : Is this a bug?, Or is it intended? I don't have the screenshot for the plants that grew because it was in my other save that was deleted.
  3. I cannot fabricate a crane on radiated but i'm not sure if this bug only occurs in certain planets How to make bug : I don't really know actually i already have the recources but it just wont print i wish i had a screenshot but the save is already gone. I hope you (SESDEV) fix it. I bought the game on steam.
  4. I was just looking at my underground base then I saw a gas plant that yesterday wasn't there!? This also happened to the plant that pull's you up (that black one with a rope that is also black with a red light on the end(it grows in the same place I killed it)) Is this intentional or not?
  5. BUT... It could be usefull for finding resources i did this this and i found a great cave with some very good stuff, it's okay to restart sometimes:).
  6. Whoah Okay, it happened to me once when i logged out and logged in again . but not this bad though. In my save the terrain just like un-align so it made gaps in between. Sorry i unfortunately don't know how to fix this just make a new save :(.
  7. Hi I was just playing astroneer in the rover update. And then this happened.. I mean WTF!! (sorry) Soooo weird.. and also the rover is still a bit broken, when I was driving the small rover I went trough the ground and got stuck in a cave. Help me fix all of this! pls! -Nikko Ps: I have a twitter : and the update is awesome, bye. 816206086_Screenshot(36).png.64222d1bbac585717534702983c30383.png.html
  8. This is my first time using augments. I can use all of the augments except one.... The Terrain Analyzer I can't collect the colors, and I don't know how to fix it please help. I already watched the tutorials, and read the wiki, but I still can't.
  9. Hi it's been a while since i played astroneer. I checked my twitter and then... THERE IS A NEW .. UPDATE!! So yeah i'm now playing the game now, and wondering some questions, and ideas. My question is: What do this generator work? That generator on the base, iknow it's just a fun question. But it works at night so its not the solar panels on the roof. What kind of generator is it?
  10. Yes i think that is right the terrain has too much plants and rocks, but since i played a new game the FPS is already slow. I played another game that has almost the same 3D world game i think(it's called slime rancher[i play the cracked slime rancher i don't have enough money] don't tell the moderators) And when i play it the FPS are very good
  11. Yeah.. That might be awesome like monsters attacking your base but i'm afraid it will make the game harder
  12. Dear, System Era Hi I love this game and i also play ASTRONEER like any of you guys, but i think i'm the only one that plays the game in slow motion. I MEAN IT! It's so hard to just venture and explore the universe..(gasp) I want to ask you System Era i'm looking at U! How do i make the game much more of an experience to explore the world (I meant how to make the FPS better? I already tried everything i know from changing the engine.ini and game.ini and all of that!)? And can you (System Era) make the games graphics more adjustable or something to help me? PLEEAASSSS.....! I use
  13. The "?" pod on number 11 has 1260 bytes
  14. Oh.. yes they also shoot spikes when you step on them. They're sure are annoying.
  15. Whoa.. Did you made that, where did you get that from? THanks for the image bro that is very helpful
  16. No actually when i respawned all of the tethers are black even if they're all connected to my base But, that might be right Thanks
  17. Wait... it's fine now. I restarted the game and now it's fine but i'm afraid that it is going to happen again
  18. Hi This was so hilarious, i was collecting laterite and suddenly all the tethers went black. I thought : " oh this is bad" and i quickly run out of oxygen and died, please fix this! i can't go anywhere, the tethers are not giving me oxygen.
  19. Hi This was so hilarious, i was collecting laterite and suddenly all the tethers went black. I thought : " oh this is bad" and i quickly run out of oxygen and died, please fix this!
  20. Yes you can, Because i was researching in my base while i was collecting laterite in a cave and the bytes are still going up
  21. Im sorry you have to actually plant it first in order for it to grow