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  1. The new update is fantastic. Gameflow is TONS smoother than before. Thank you for removing the RNG system; Research 2.0 is just what we needed. This update, combined with all the previous ones (Terrain as a resource is still my favorite) has totally set up the game to be built upon, you guys are doing a fantastic job! I wouldn't change a single thing with the overall mechanics other than some tweaks here and there. Power is a huge currency now and will be even more so when you add new things to build and maintain. An emphasis (ie suggestion labels/tutorial) on getting a basic power network up and running might be beneficial. Right now the Backpack Catalog resembles a Fisher Price toy, so anything to 'beef' it up would be great. Catalog menu is a little confusing. Needs more attention to what you have selected/unlocked/locked etc. UX is ok on KB/Mouse. Would love to see crafting/production cost labels on the blueprints. That way we can get a glimpse of what the object is going to require before we unlock it with Bytes. This would also be super useful if you guys add objects that will require 2 or more different resources. Rotating blueprint models on the catalog would also be really nice. The magenta text has to go. Sorry! X) Thanks for the update and congrats on the Alpha stage! Looking forward to whats next!
  2. Holy baby Jesus, you should read the notes before diving into the game. I mean, at least glance at them or something... Been waiting for this update to hit live ever since experimental. Terrain as a resource along with the new Mineral Extractor Module (those new animations are awesome) are the best new features yet, thank you! Not only does the new mechanic allow a different way to produce some resources but it also kills 2 birds with 1 stone, as in sculpting terrain now has a valuable byproduct -soil. I honestly used to loathe having to carve up the world because it had no real value in the end scheme, now it does. Thanks for the new sounds as well, as much as I like the chill music, I've turned it off to enjoy all the new ambient noises -especially in the caves. Looking forward to Research 2.0 and the Modular system. Keep up the good work.
  3. Performance on all 3 platforms looks like it went backward with the 119 patch. No matter if it's a new game or saved. Loss of frames, stuttering etc. PC Specs: AMD FX-9590, GTX 980(v376.33) @ 2560x1080. Still cannot use the terrain tool on the radiation planet, the targeting cursor jumps/jerks all over the place -been like that since release day. Renders the planet very unplayable solo or grouped. Terrain, after multiple reloads of a save game, eventually comes apart at the seams more and more. This normally leads to the planets showing up as halved or quartered when looking at them and what appears to be 'holes' in the terrain that you can see through and fall into. Long distance rendering has been scaled back a bit too much. Please increase it. Long distance rendering is also failing to show ground clutter like rocks etc when on a vehicle. So when you drive off and start moving, all of a sudden a bunch of rocks will show up and throw the vehicle all around. The "seeds" on the taller flora remain static while the leaves themselves still move and blow around when it's windy. Respawning into a Spaceship always puts the character exactly below the fuel container and half-way into the ground. Respawning when playing in a co-op game as a client will put you into the original home base while the host may be off planet elsewhere. This happens either when joining another players game or dying and respawning. The Main menu save game information on the UI is still cut off on 21:9 resolutions. Very hard to manage multiple games. I have so many old, obsolete save games on my XBone, please please add in a delete/rename function on all platforms! (The XBone cloud just auto restores them when you manually delete) On the UWP version, holding down the Alt key while also holding down WASD + RMB will lock the Astroneer and camera into an auto-run in that direction. On the UWP version, the Terrain Tool settings(lower, raise, smooth) are a toggled state. While on Steam it is not.
  4. So, my XBone and UWP just updated to 0.2.10119.0 Anyone have details?
  5. Hunger to justify farming? No thanks imo. That's been done to death and it turns into a UI bar management mini-game. No one can argue otherwise -even if one likes it, it's still what it is. But the suggestions you propose seem a little out of the scope of the game and a bit too deep. That sounds more like a Star Citizen level type of mechanic. Astroneer has a very approachable entry-level and adding that kind of depth just feels counter to it -don't get me wrong, it's cool but, too much. Eating/Drinking foods to help with O2 or Energy might not seem Spock logical, but this is a video game where we romanticize things for entertainment and not so much for realism like a simulator (Which is why Star Wars, The Martian and even Game of Thrones are so popular right?). Good thing is that Astroneer has snagged the attention of a very wide demographic of survival/space players. But now SES needs to choose which way the game is going to go; theres no way they are going to be able to appease everyone. The thread has some fair points made by each side on a traditional hunger system. But I think it has devolved into an argument over semantics at this point instead of a debate on the actual pro/cons.
  6. The problem with any survival games out there now is that they water down to a mini-game of managing multiple status bars on your screen. The actual core gameplay is a backdrop. They take away from the game itself if you can follow that premise. Instead of playing, you log in and look at some bars on your screen and tend to focus on keeping those filled up -that's the priority. We already have that so far with O2 and energy on our packs and those two elements already provide us the ability to progress. Why do we need more? To inflate our survival epeens? I do however, see a purpose and need to grow food that could either be traded/sold or even consumed for buffs like longer energy, air, foot speed etc that provide an alternative to always having to run around with a vehicle or provides an early-game advantage. A unique food crafting function that is based on the already established Research Module system. It sure would give a lot of extra purpose to the flora other than just for Organic power and that way, when we pull an organic node off of a tree/plant we could learn a new food recipe instead of a spaceship blueprint? hehe I'd hate to see more bars get added tho. And with Astroneers already very awesome, unique and minimalistic interface, I can't even see where they would get added that wouldn't intrude on that -hidden or otherwise. But hey, some people love filling up/chasing bars and having UI elements pasted all over their screens. To each their own I suppose -even though it has been done to death already. .2¢ tl:dr Does survival always have to imply a continuous management game of hunger, thirst etc? Or can it just be about surviving in general? Go play Inside, then rethink.
  7. Good to hear. Nothing wrong with saying that an AMD card is performing better for you. I still use Nvidia but I've been debating about going back to AMD because my ultrawide monitor uses FreeSync and I'd like to actually use that tech.
  8. It would be cool if those nodes were something we could auto-farm with automation in the future. But, I don't see a need for mass-anything in Astroneer. We kinda just farm as needed with no reasons to hold any kind of large stocks. Plus all that external storage has got to put pressure on the games engine.
  9. You should probably leave realism out of it then. Just sayin...
  10. For the same reasons people achievement hunt, fill progress bars and flatten terrain. What's good is that Astroneer is most likely never going to have internal mass storage, everything is external and modular. So collecting resources is fun and never feels like a job/chore when compared to other games with a larger scale. Which I why I never understood the nerf to the trade platform, it just was not needed or even a priority. Especially when you can do things like this. Anyways, you should try Space Engineers if you haven't yet. You can get some serious industrial sized projects going on -with automation. It's crazy.
  11. Yeah um. Go ahead and leave the starter planet. You will change your tune pretty quick -if you're objective at least. Multiplayer is quite frustrating (even on PC) with all the issues combined. And if you're not running into those issues; attempt more. The game has a fun and solid starter foundation backed by cool DEVs, I'm excited too, but let's not exaggerate too much -yet.
  12. Well, contact SES/XBone support. They might make an exception for you if you handle it tactfully. You won't get a refund on the forums. The topic has already gained too much attention and I'm done adding to it. Good luck.
  13. The less frequent updates that consoles get due to their unavoidable certification process. Although to be fair, thought the XBone/UWP was supposed to have been patched to 215 already. Not sure what happened on that one and I haven't seen any updates on the situation.
  14. I'm guessing this little guy is still in the game somewhere. Unsure as to why it was not included at launch. We need some data-miners