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  1. Any truth to the rumour that when you make it to the center of the Universe in No Man's Sky after their "No Man's Sky Next" launches in the summer, you restart the game on a planet in Astroneer? Anonymous Post: Real Info Learned From One Other Legit Source Developing Astroneer Yesterday.
  2. Augustus Mode - the droid follows behind the player in his vehicle, paving a flat road that follows his route. Hadrian Mode - a base droid accessory that allows the droid to form a wall encompassing all the base structures. Trader Mode - a base droid mode that allows for a two slot accessory, one input port and one output port. The droid will continue to sell all items matching the resource attached to its input port for items matching the resource in its output port until it runs out of things to sell, or the storage attached to the trade depot is full.
  3. Tether Caddy Mode - You fit M.A.R.C. IV with a specialized tether harness accessory and as he follows you, he automatically drops tethers at their optimum range. Boombox Mode - Fit him with an audio accessory and he plays music form the player's media collection, or from internet radio stations. For flavour, it would be cool if it could play the podcasts from NASA Live. Orbital Sensor Mode - When mounted in a docking station on a spaceship, he provides more info about drop site locations... IE. Available resources, biome info, hazards, etc... Candid Mode - a small camera access
  4. ...and he needs a name: M.A.R.C. One (Multi App Robotic Companion) was accidentally sucked out of an airlock while trying to decide what shade the surrounding space actually was. It was reported to have emitted a small series of beeps that sounded oddly like "Prreeeeeeettttttyyyy..." before vaporizing out of existence. M.A.R.C. Two entered a strange green pulsating portal and is rumored to be serving as a chip dip dispenser for one, Rick Sanchez. M.A.R.C. Three attained full sentience, and deciding that there is more to life than robotic subservience, went on tour with Beyonce as a back-u
  5. You just have to pretty much dig to the planet core. I dug a switchback tunnel on the Terran planet and got there.... it took quite a bit of time and tethers.
  6. Using Astronium as the resource to build a droid/drone is great idea to make it a little harder to get.
  7. Lol... brilliant idea. And on that note, I'm off to watch some Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency on Netflix.
  8. I hear ya... simpler is usually better. But one of my favorite parts of the game is the way they have set up the research system. Adding a bunch of different augment options that can only be discovered through research makes the game more fun for me (so its probably a selfish idea), but making the functionality of the droid limited also keeps it from becoming overpowered. I'm with ya on the base debris... lol... after working so hard to get it looking the way I like it that drives me nuts.
  9. I wanted to transfer all of the ideas to the initial post and keep that updated, but since I can't edit it, I'll consolidate everything here: The player can construct a new base facility called a Droid Manufacturing Station. Initially, the player can create a low levitating robotic disc with a two slot attachment on top. The droid has a default mode of simply following the player and you can use the two slots on top to store a couple of resources, or you could attach augments to the droid to make it more specialized. There would be a new seat item you could craft for vehicles called a
  10. Yeah, I kinda jumped ahead on a few of the ideas, but I figure that community suggested content would be addressed later in the development schedule, and their road map already lists the addition of hostile AI enemies and the like. So. it should be supported by future planned features. And, I agree that these technologies should be difficult to get..
  11. GPS Mode - An on-screen compass w/ cardinal directions and pips for Home Base and Beacons. This could be added in two ways. One, it could be an attached augment like all of the other companion modes, or two, it could be an automatic state that the droid enters when it is in its vehicle docking station/seat.
  12. I don't know about different classes of droid. Going that route may make it overpowered because you could have more than one droid at a time. I think being able to only have one droid at a time might keep it more balanced, because you have to decide what its one function is. A dedicated Droid Manufacturing Station as a two resin pad option might make sense, where you can only build the main droid component initially. All of the possible companion and base droid augments would need to be individually researched and then built. Functional items such as the offensive turret, O2 tank, etc may
  13. Recycler Mode - Place a recycler augment on the droid, and then attach a recycling target item to an object to have the droid destroy it and return a portion of the resources that were used to build it originally
  14. There are some similar ideas there... I was thinking about this before I crashed last night, and just blurted it all out on the forum when I woke up, quickly because I had an appointment to get to. I should have searched a little bit first.
  15. I picture a droid seat attachment for vehicles where it will travel with you and you could keep multiple augments on storage on the truck. Then you can slot in whatever augment best suits the situation when you go on foot. Possibly a modifier for the pack mule augment would be that when he gets full and if he has a droid seat on the truck, he will run resources back to the truck and return to the player.