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  1. Archiel Arrofo

    The Rover Update - May 8th, 2018

    Probably yes, it's random. So let's keep on exploring
  2. Archiel Arrofo

    The Rover Update - May 8th, 2018

    It's the fastest way to earn a bytes , so I have no problem with that. Cheers
  3. Archiel Arrofo

    SES Vlog 028: Splitters & Space Kamehamehas

    And I learned that the Large Rover need to use a 3-Seat version so that it won't jump when you're exiting the vehicle
  4. Archiel Arrofo power issue

    try to reconnect again, if it didn't work, try to reverse the connection where your power table is.
  5. Archiel Arrofo

    SES Vlog 028: Splitters & Space Kamehamehas

    I'm hoping that the next update, the rovers bug jump off when exiting will be fixed. Great job to the SES Devs
  6. Archiel Arrofo

    This Game is Confusing now... (Feedback)

    your can press F1 for small information
  7. Archiel Arrofo

    Patch 0.6.2 - February 28th, 2018

    Both the Character and the rover are jumping when exiting. And the rovers are bouncing. AUTOSAVE_2_2018.03.01-23.20.54.sav AUTOSAVE_2_2018.03.01-23.21.04.sav 2018.03.01-23.20.mp4
  8. Archiel Arrofo

    Battery Infinite Charge

    I have the same problem, before the rover is charging itself with solar panel. Right now: When researching, the battery of the rovers is getting empty even it's not connected to any platform, while the platform has a small solar panel and wind turbine itself. AUTOSAVE_2_2018.02.24-17.17.41.sav 2018.02.24-16.53Trim.mp4
  9. Archiel Arrofo

    The "Basebuilding Update" - February 22nd, 2018

    I appreciate the update, especially the Platform (you can move it freely even there is a object above it), Extenders (It's good, because you can connect the solar panel crashed site to your base), The BOXES (you can bring them wherever you are, no need for the resources to bring to another world except Hydrazine, you need it to fuel up your space craft). But I found something that the rovers is not charging even you put two small solar panel and connect 3 rovers and connect it to your base platform, then later on its charging and not discharging when there is no Sun light. Good Work System Era Softworks Team and nice update.
  10. Archiel Arrofo

    Automatic On/Off Lights

    I would like to suggest that the lights should have a automatic on/off. When the night and day come, also in the cave if go inside of it. Why? If the sun is up there is still a light both from Astronaut/Astroneer and Rover, it's kinda bright too much lights both from the sun and vehicle/astroneer.
  11. Summary: - Steam - Other End of Rover has been Eaten by the Terrain Description: I just parked the rover for awhile coz I'm scavenging the wreckage nearby. And later on the terrain just eat the other end of the rover, when i tried to flip it (Press TAB) the Rover Train just went up high and then disappear and I can't find it nowhere, and I died due to the suffocation because the Rover is gone. Platform: Steam Windows 10 PC Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1703 | Build 15063.786 CPU: Intel i3 4160 3.60GHz GPU: Radeon R7 260X 2GB DDR5 RAM: 2x Micron 4GB DDR4 1600Hz | 1x Transcend 4GB DDR4 1600Hz Drive: Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM010-2EP102 1TB
  12. Archiel Arrofo

    Stuck On Planet

    Before you go to the other planet, bring or load a lot of Hydrazine.
  13. Try to set your graphics into Medium settings, If its the problem. Just try
  14. Archiel Arrofo

    A little help

    Try to send a Crash Report or Bug Report. Do a screenshot if you can. And people can help you.
  15. try this one if its going to work, go to Steam Library>>ASTRONEER (Right Click to see Properties)>>Properties>>Local Files>>Verify Integrity of Game Files. Try it, it's also happened to me last day.