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    @njoiru AWESOME! Thanks so much - I will try this out and let you know how I got on... I've been cursing this for so long - it'd be nice to be able to play it as it's meant to be... I do hope the devs can do something about it, without us having to resort to jiggery pokes... Thanks again! Much appreciated!
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    @TaeLyn Yeah but that doesn't help you if you're in a vehicle - only if you're on foot... but otherwise, some indicators on the compass would be great...
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    Firstly - my apple-ogies for the formatting - I'd written the text elsewhere, but in copy and paste it made a mess of it for some reason, and I couldn't figure how to get it to look normal in this editor. My bad. Thanks to CopperyMarrow for making it legible! Much appreciated! @Gina - thanks for those tips - those were some things I was not aware of - not wonderful, but still better than naught. Another one of these nav. niggles is a case I had yesterday on another planet. I was off my tether exploring - I'd run out of poles... Got lost and died. Dumb I know. Tried to find my way back, died again. Came back a second time, this time I found the body, but the only body marked was the last one I lost. The first one, the one that had all the gear, lost, and no way of finding it again except by accident, as it's no longer marked once you have a subsequent death. It'd be good to be able to see stuff like that marked up on an overhead compass HUD, in a dynamic fashion. Meaning once the body has been recovered, the mark on the compass disappears. I'm thinking of something as in the compass displayed in the pic below. Home base, corpses, vehicles etc are all marked on the compass and enable finding them much easier, also indicators to say 'higher' and 'lower' when the object in question is on a different level from you. Also the ability to name beacons (and colour them) is a good idea - in the game below, you get a scanner, which enables you to find various ore types. When you find some, you can place a beacon there, give it a colour of choice, and call it 'Iron deposit' for example, and that's how it will appear on the compass.... And you still can't beat a decent map that gives you an idea of the relative position of yourself, home base, any other discoveries etc to help you get your bearings. Especially when you consider most planets do not allow you to move line of sight, read: in a straight line. After the 60th turn to avoid some hole which are hard to see in the dark it's easy to lose your bearings... <grin>
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    Speaking of Headlights - some sort of lighting like standalone floodlights or omnidirectional lamps for the base would be real handy full stop. But that's another story all together
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    I have a 3 monitor configured as 1 setup - giving me a Resolution of 5760x1080. While not dazzling resolution, it IS handy to have peripheral vision. The problem is, Astroneer doesn't like it much. When I run the game in full screen mode - I get everything as if through a magnifying glass, and miss a lot of details - notably top and bottom of screen. The only way to get around this, is to, with some difficulty, as the windowed variation doesn't appear to let itself scale in a user-friendly fashion, to get the game roughly into 1920x1080 in a window - not optimal, but it means I have the full picture - meaning I can see my legs again and other things not displayed when in full resolution. The only way I can manage to get the screen size reduced, is to load a game, hit ESC, then ALT-Spacebar to get the window menu, choose size, and then the window lets itself be adjusted per mouse, in a fashion. When I get it down to the size of one screen, I can then click on the 'Maximise' icon top right of the window, to get it to fill up my 1920x1080 screen. Ugly. There's no way to set it to full screen 1920x1080 in the options, well, none that I've found. And if I run at full res, 5760x1080, I miss too much of what's going on. Is there a way to fix this? To cater for a multi-display set-up? Top image 5760x1080, Bottom image 192x1080 (approx.)
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    Navigation is a pet peeve of mine - I'd like to see a compass on the HUD permanently in view at the top of the screen as in other games - with p.o.i.'s marked at their appropriate bearings - at least - things you've already discovered, like gateways, base, beacons etc.Also - a map of some kind would be nice, to help orient yourself - one that expands as you uncover/discover your surroundings. A map that either automatically adds POI's or one where you can set markers for things of interest - like an iron deposit, or underground cave entrance of note etc. The compass you have at the moment is annoying, in that you can't see it while driving - meaning you have to stop every so often, get out of your buggy, click on your character, to see vaguely in which direction you're going - but by the time you've skirted untold holes, hills, forests and other obstacles, you can still get hopelessly lost, as the flag for your home base is only visible a certain distance - after that you have no idea - unless you know the area well. Excursions that go further away are always fraught with the danger of not finding back home. I can't say how many times I've fallen down a hole or died in a cave, with no way of ever finding back. All my gear/ore - lost.To aid this - some decent headlights / spotlights for the vehicles would be grand! Driving at night is suicidal, and the work lights are only so good.