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  1. This is the idea to drive with one vehicle and not a train.
  2. Such a loose idea. Fashion for hybrids With a heavy load, power will come in handy and the range is greater.
  3. Hello astroneer fans My old idea for a big vehicle. Such a truck. The project lay a year. I thought maybe it was time to show it. the vehicle has standard and hydrazine drive. And a lot of space for various modules.
  4. For some time I have been doing a prototype of a hybrid rover. It will be powered by solar and wind energy, as well as hydrazine. The main power will be the current energy. Hydrazine will be used as an additional power for uphill climbs. It will also power the rover in the absence of solar or wind energy. The rover will also stand out with new lighting and seats. For now I have a lot of work and I can not spend more time on the project. That's why it will take some time.
  5. Hmm... does not work for other users. A question for the moderator: Why when posting the animation, only the owner of the post can play it?
  6. Different planets are a great idea, but I think that with the new planets, the occurrence of raw materials should also be diversified. Not every raw material must exist on every planet. This will force you to set up bases on other planets. I believe that once visited a new planet will not force you to return to her if you have no reason to do so.
  7. When will you fix problems with sound control? Several times it was said that when you change the volume, after restarting the game everything is at 0. In addition, the volume in the caves is much higher and unpleasant than on the surface. The sound in the cave is terrible.
  8. If malachite is green, the color of the substrate should change. I know it's a game but rather, there is no green soil. But an unknown planet that anything is possible. Nevertheless, it would have to be changed.
  9. You have to watch out how to connect the cables. If you do it wrong, you have to correct it. That's all.
  10. I have the impression that the control has been changed more for the console than for the PC. Maybe it's a matter of habit but I think the previous one was more intuitive.
  11. Great idea. This would solve the problem of finding the base. One could build it from hematite or introduce new minerals for road construction, for example: goitite, magnetite, dolomite, basalt rock. It is also necessary to redesign the beacon by entering the signs: base, mine of minerals, etc.