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  1. I would leave the orginal save alone and start a new one to see if there is a difference. Did it start after the update last night? If so, they might have to add a patch.
  2. I purchased this game in 2016 and love it. My son started Gamepass on Xbox one on his account in September. After Gamepass expired in October, I could not play the game anymore and Xbox said I need Gamepass to play this game. I reported problem to Xbox, no response. My son won a year of Gamepass at EGLX this weekend, activated it and now my Astroneer plays no prob, with my saves intact. I do see that Gamepass logo appears now when I start game. How can I fix this so I own the game again and don't need Gamepass to play. Thanks
  3. Ya 8 in Full sun only. 2 RTG, 2 medium batteries. Full power 24/7!!
  4. Haven't even reaserched it. Went straight to RTG's baby. Have 4 now. No power problems ever!!!
  5. Just loaded up first save. Un hooked all my research stations. still reallllllly sloowwww. Frustrating....
  6. Well. If that is the case, no R&D for a while.... I don't want to mess up my one and only save!!!!
  7. WTF. I am afraid to play it. Why is the X having such an issue. Basic PC's run this better.
  8. Me thinks they have disabled it until fixed. They said they are stilling working on fix, they know whats wrong(client drawing everything even off screen). Hopefully by next update?
  9. Thanks, will keep that in mind. Activated the 2 becons already, downloading update, then will start to head for core.
  10. I am taking it slow as I have read alot on Xbox about game crashing issues and lost saves. Most of these people have rushed to the core. This is my first save and I have unlocked almost all research. Plus I like taking it slow. I will start activating soon.
  11. I am in the process of building bases beside nodes on each planet. Will not start activating till next patch. BTW started a new game and it ran great.
  12. I was planning to upgrade to an X from my 2014 xbox one. Guess I will wait till they fix it.
  13. Has not rolled out for me yet!!! Still waiting!