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  1. Okay so i check the trello a lot and what i kinda disappoints me is that there’s not much content on there i feel like the devs should put more info on what they think there gonna do with an idea and how far along they are in adding it cause I’m a freak with no life who stalks this game
  2. Rebelord

    Astroneer app?

    So i really like this game and i can see it has a Mobile app (there would be some complications) but I don’t want to pay twice for it so if you log in to your xbox live or steam you wouldn’t have to pay again
  3. Rebelord

    Big purple requirements

    Apparently to activate the mega purple (the one in the center) you only need to activate one surface big purple I have mixed feelings on this and i wanted to see what other people think
  4. I haven’t done much core exploring yet but as far as i know Sylvia is pretty dope. I have almost always seen people super tractor it and i have a suggestion take a landing platform with you to the core and set it up if I’m correct you should be able to fly through the planet to the core with a shuttle (the bubble to click on wont show up to click on you just have to guess and hope your right
  5. Rebelord

    New Unofficial Astroneer YouTube channel

    Cool But i feel like the logo could fit better with the Exo dynamics style Also will you be doing experiments like packaging a storage thing with items attached to it or having your friend sit in a chair then completely bury them (not just putting dirt over top) and then seeing what happens if they get out of the chair
  6. I believe it is till possible to start on other planets which can be very hard depending on said planet there something in the config but I’m not sure what it is exactly a YouTube called Z1 gaming did this at one point so check it out and see if he tells you how to do it
  7. What’s wrong with the steam version (I’m a xbox player so I’m curious)
  8. Rebelord

    Game won't load/corrupted

    I think this is a bug going around but I’m not sure
  9. Rebelord

    I can't get on the planet.

    The pic isn’t working for me for some reason
  10. Rebelord

    Tether limit?

    Well before i thought there wasnt but you apparently have proved me wrong. I suggest adding a oxygenator at the end of it. Also it would be helpful if you could count the teachers in a straight line from your base for future reference (also did you like completely cover the planets surface or something Jeez)
  11. Rebelord

    Crane not gathering soil

    Sounds like a bug i suggest transferring this to the proper page
  12. Rebelord

    Struggling with Alignment Augment

    Canister with some soil in it
  13. Rebelord

    DLC for Astroneer & new game ideas

    WAIT IMA STOP U RIGHT THERE NO VIOLENCE specifically weapons. Several threads have suggested some form of combat and all have been locked. I do like your other ideas a lot though, especially the custom worlds thing and jumping to your friends solar systems +1 (but no weapons or combat) (I’m watching you)
  14. Rebelord

    Insane Resource Distribution

    How about as you progress to harder planets the amount of resources increases but on Terran the current level should be lowered
  15. Rebelord

    Vehicle Tether Deployment

    Perhaps it would be attached to the front of the tractor
  16. Rebelord

    Cargo Bed

    But wouldn’t a cargo bd take up space?
  17. Rebelord

    stuck in the centre

    You can jump on the giant purple pillars and gravity will get weird making it so you will walk on that. After that just follow it till your at the wall drill out and bam your no longer in the core
  18. Rebelord

    Use of very Large Structure

    May i suggest activating more than one?
  19. Rebelord

    i question the validity of the portable oxygenator

    Why not use a regular cheeped oxygenator then?
  20. I do not know but we should have one
  21. Rebelord

    Hydrazine efficiency

    It is known that the hydrazine thruster is supposed to be a upgrade to the solid fuel thruster but according to the current stats it is actually worse Currently a hydrazine canister has 2 points both landing and launching from/to orbit count as one point and traveling to another planet uses 2 points so a flight to any planet in 1.0 and back costs 3 canisters of hydrazine in other words costs 6 ammonium and 3 hydrogen, this is a problem. i believe at minimum one canister should hold 3 points meaning one full thruster can allow you to land on a planet then return to the original twice
  22. I mean it was just added so cut them a little slack But i like the big pits and ravines cause it adds a challenge for navigation it also fulfills parts of trailers were the player builds bridges over big gaps
  23. Rebelord


    I’m hoping its cute little drones or something