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    SES Vlog 029: GDC, Performance & Steering

    Can i get a #babybuggy ? also plz tell me there’s a breaking system so rovers don’t roll away when your using a drill
  2. Rebelord


    Okay so chemistry has been promised as a high probity and probably will be added in Q1 but Q1 is over and we have not heard anything form the devs about chemistry and i thinks it would be a cool way to add getting some materials or even new ones. Maybe you could even make it so you have process copper stuff into wires for some machines. But there is so much capability that has seemingly been forgotten
  3. Rebelord

    My Rover Ideas

    First you can attach work light to front or zebra ball (i thinking it still works) if your apart of the Zebra ball cult (ZBC) also its on the road map to build rovers by using modules allowing for specialization and i do agree with these ideas. +1
  4. Rebelord

    automatic mashine systems

    How about little drones that have a recharging station and can get hit by rocks in a sand storm either damaging them, causing them to drop there item, or them getting blown away and you neeed a new little buddy to help you against your war against lonely-ness
  5. First I WANT THE RAPPELS GIMME GIMME GIMME second i do agree that more vents are needed and that some can be befintual if they don’t kill you base also this allows for a repair tool of some sort to reconstruct the broken parts of your base or a recycler in case you decided I didn’t need that anyways, to throw the fragments of what once was a extra research station into and get some stuff back.
  6. I really like these ideas not sure about the devs would feel about different soil but i think it could add more of a dangerous-adventure feel and should be implemented honestly i love all of this stuff and hopes it gets implemented and now my 2 suggestions 1. on exotic there could be quick sand you can still walk around in it but you slowly sink and you can eventually completely sink reducing movement to almost nothing and tethers cant connect threw quicksand 2. Mixing soils. Okay devs promised chemistry on high priority and i havn’t seen it which kinda upsets me but i think something LIKE chemistry can be done with soil by making it so it can mix cause a mix in there powers ex: glowing quick sand. The more pure a soil is the stronger its power is (pure quicksand you sink very fast) also you could eventually build a machine to separate them back into pure forms or mix soil in exact percents. 3.(i lied there three MWHAHAHAHAHA) different soil can increase or decrease the rate in which you get some materials for example rocky soil and arid speeds up laterite production by a lot also +10
  7. Rebelord

    research and power suggestion

    Yeah zebra ball is just a item they used to test physics and lighting but they forgot to remove it when it came out but people didn’t know this so after much experimentation people decided that the best solution was to worship it. Cause thats what are society has come to 👍
  8. Rebelord

    Food and Water in Astroneer

    hey jack you don’t need to write your name after every comment we can just look on the left and see your username
  9. Rebelord

    research and power suggestion

    if you look at the plugs you can see them occasionally flashing red this is the games way of saying that your using to much power and things are gonna slow down
  10. True also but if they switch forum sites then a lot of people may not realize this and contiune to use this one the best thing to do is to fix the current site as best as they can
  11. Rebelord

    Lithium & Titanium deposits (and more)

    I feel that its okay with the amount of ore deposits becuase it can take a while to get to the level were you can go to the planet and i do definitely agree that there needs to be more use for lithium and titanium. Also it think its okay you can get one or two out of a deposite with out the crane becuase in the future when there’s more uses for lithium and titanium i believe that one or two wont help you very much
  12. I don’t think being able to drag giant wrecks is the best idea becuase it would look kinda dumb and if we don’t give people the ability to pull around the recks it encourages people to set up out posts in order to harvest the large structures which would take some time
  13. The hard part would make so you can demolish big structures but luckily i have a solution you have to place dynamite in strategic location (shown by a hologram) and then u detonate them all at once completely destroying the structure and giving you many fragments. But the problem is transporting becuase there litteral fragments with nothing for the storage to connect to so you could either take 10 million trips using a winch or use a mobile base to drive the recycler over and make your life easier. Encouraging mobile bases and exploration
  14. I thought it threw and I realized that making it so your health decreases is in fact a bad idea and instead of limiting your health in sorts it should instead slow your oxygen refill rate to what can seem a stop but isn’t and that you should not have to dock with something in order to refill your oxygen
  15. I am here to hopefully elobrate on the oxygen system in a way that u guys think is a good idea. i believe it should be more of a pressure system were you need to have enough pressure to pump oxygen threw all of your base in order to actually be able to refill your tanks. Basically how it would work in the beginning you would have the basic oxygen generator built into your hab that you can dock with to refill your your tank. You could also have massive tanks you can build to act as a resivor Incase something happen damageing your oxygen system. While feathered your oxygen wont go down (if there’s enough pressure) but wont fill up unless you dock your pack to a refill machine. Also if there’s not enough oxygen production you can disconnect you oxygen system from other devices in order to make a full peice of your base but you can see the con side to that. If a base peice is not fully filled then your oxygen will slowly go down but depending on the pressure how fast and if your tank empties if there’s enough pressure you wont die but your health will be forced down to a certain point and stay there until you refill. Also tethers would consume some pressure to have BUT it would not be nearly as much as another peice of your base. The generators can use organic for a faster generation but then your limited by your organic supply or it can be power based in which then it would be power based but if you use the power system it wont produce as much as the organic based. Btw you will never die from oxygen deprivation in your base but it can get to the point were the moment you disconnect you die. (You can only connect to bases with oxygen however small amount there is)