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  1. Rebelord

    Wireless power

    Not as far as barren i think but they could power around 1/8th of the planet
  2. Rebelord

    Conveyor belt

    I like it +1
  3. Rebelord

    Soil tank for vehicles.

    I like it also maybe it could hold hydrazine for when you use the thruster
  4. The work light isn’t so bright in the game right now so i can definitely see this as a thing
  5. +1 perhaps there could be a little animation of your character hanging on to the side of the rover as he switches seats
  6. Rebelord

    Unify canisters and oxygen tanks

    Just saying i think it would be okay for the canister to function with O2 because the atmosphere is probably not as dense as ours and would suck all the chemicals out but i would prefer a difference between canisters and O2 tanks for atheistic purposes
  7. Rebelord

    Power overhaul or updates

    The power system is kinda problematic in the beginning but once you have a lot of batteries for over night your relatively fine
  8. Rebelord

    Big massive space ship crash

    I think the crashes are big enough
  9. Rebelord

    Weird Storm texture

    Okay so I’m on the Xbox and when ever i see a storm that is currently not enveloping my base it has a weird texture that can be described as Thick black stripes with little breaks in between covering the cloud, as if it was showing me the real shape of it which was exactly as one would expect
  10. They should still be able to be used as power
  11. Rebelord

    Tethers can be used for cargo/research

    i like it, I’m picturing a little machine that hangs on to it and can be upgraded and slowly crawls along using some sort of mapping system (and yes tethers should be able to be colored)
  12. Rebelord

    Vision for the blind