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  1. I haven’t done much core exploring yet but as far as i know Sylvia is pretty dope. I have almost always seen people super tractor it and i have a suggestion take a landing platform with you to the core and set it up if I’m correct you should be able to fly through the planet to the core with a shuttle (the bubble to click on wont show up to click on you just have to guess and hope your right
  2. Cool But i feel like the logo could fit better with the Exo dynamics style Also will you be doing experiments like packaging a storage thing with items attached to it or having your friend sit in a chair then completely bury them (not just putting dirt over top) and then seeing what happens if they get out of the chair
  3. I believe it is till possible to start on other planets which can be very hard depending on said planet there something in the config but I’m not sure what it is exactly a YouTube called Z1 gaming did this at one point so check it out and see if he tells you how to do it
  4. What’s wrong with the steam version (I’m a xbox player so I’m curious)
  5. I think this is a bug going around but I’m not sure
  6. The pic isn’t working for me for some reason
  7. Well before i thought there wasnt but you apparently have proved me wrong. I suggest adding a oxygenator at the end of it. Also it would be helpful if you could count the teachers in a straight line from your base for future reference (also did you like completely cover the planets surface or something Jeez)
  8. Sounds like a bug i suggest transferring this to the proper page
  9. WAIT IMA STOP U RIGHT THERE NO VIOLENCE specifically weapons. Several threads have suggested some form of combat and all have been locked. I do like your other ideas a lot though, especially the custom worlds thing and jumping to your friends solar systems +1 (but no weapons or combat) (I’m watching you)
  10. How about as you progress to harder planets the amount of resources increases but on Terran the current level should be lowered
  11. Perhaps it would be attached to the front of the tractor
  12. But wouldn’t a cargo bd take up space?