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  1. Rebelord

    Ingame Wikipedia (Astropedia)

    I mean i find the game pretty self explanatory but i see how some people may need this
  2. Rebelord

    Solar- and windsystem

    +1 = i like the idea i personnaly think this idea couldnt be any better
  3. Rebelord

    The sad truth about the game.

    HEY this form is for improvements not direct insults if you have a problem say what it is in specific and it could be fixed
  4. You can also jump to launch your self farther and stop sliding
  5. Rebelord

    Special Energy Storage and Sources

    Its planned to be a power source i believe
  6. Rebelord

    Solar- and windsystem

  7. Rebelord


    For now TNT
  8. Rebelord

    Space elevators and space stations

    Maybe we could send them up in the elevator?
  9. Rebelord

    Cutting torch or laser/plasma cutter.

    Perhaps you could place a detantor down that then shows holograms to where to put tnt and once there all placed you can detanote and get scrap allowing you to do this for very large structures
  10. The bonus of finding high byte research pods is that you don’t need to go searching for a new one for a while
  11. Rebelord

    Mini Map/ Hud compass

    How about its like a compass that you pull out of your backpack like the erase arch thing that looks like a compass but with the beacons on it
  12. Rebelord

    Mini Map/ Hud compass

    How about the beacons have a limited range but you can make upgraded versions that can show up on the compass and eventually you can make a antenna that shows up on even the largest planets but is expensive
  13. I just found out this is on the road map