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  1. Rebelord

    i question the validity of the portable oxygenator

    Why not use a regular cheeped oxygenator then?
  2. I do not know but we should have one
  3. I mean it was just added so cut them a little slack But i like the big pits and ravines cause it adds a challenge for navigation it also fulfills parts of trailers were the player builds bridges over big gaps
  4. Rebelord


    I’m hoping its cute little drones or something
  5. There are actual vids of people starting on other planets its a real thing if you screw with that setting (sadly we cant do this on xbox)
  6. Rebelord

    +1 for 1.0! (It isn't even out on XBOX yet :D)

    This is what i heard from Z1 gaming but i think he was incorrect as i have yet to see a storm on any planet
  7. Rebelord

    Navigation, purple things, drill usage.

    Step 1: make a trail from the closest big purple to your base Step 2: memorize the big purple number that is closest to your base next time you get lost use to compass to go to the north or South Pole where the big purple is then use it to teleport to the one near your base if you need to get the vechile home i think you can repackage it and carry it back but don’t quote me
  8. Rebelord

    Can’t find graphite on vesania

    I think you just killed a thread
  9. Rebelord

    Locating Alien Cube on Silva

    Upgrade your drill your almost there dude
  10. Rebelord

    What's the diff between the 2 Oxigenators?

    The portable one fits in you inventory and gives you unlimited oxygen when powered
  11. Rebelord

    Soil types and resources

    Hey guys this may already be in the game can some one test this for me (Read the thread to see why this may already be here)
  12. In the current saga us of astroneer it gets kinda laggy when you go to another planet so i was wondering if when you leave a planet does it unload For example in Minecraft the world was divided into chunks when you got far enough away from a chunk it would unload meaning all the positions of blocks are noted down but they are not actually carrying out there functions if not please do this
  13. Restart you game i think this is a bug
  14. Rebelord

    Can’t find any copper

    If your struggling to find any i suggest going to another planet or using a trade platform
  15. If that doesn’t work maybe you need to take the key it makes to the space station above the core