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  1. Vanilla

    Lithium Byte Value Unbalanced

    I agree, I think you shouldn't be able to make Titanium/Lithium, it just doesn't feel right. But I like that you can trade for it, maybe make it super expensive though? Because it's rare on your planet. That's usually how trade routes work, Sell the common thing on your planet to a place that doesn't get a lot of it for more.
  2. Vanilla

    Astroneer Update/patches

    I've been trying to reprogram my mind to stop pressing Y while in my backpack..... I don't know what it'd be changed to though. Xbox One, btw.
  3. Vanilla

    From the hare to the bloody snail

    I have 3 Research stations up so far, found a research that holds a good 1,000, and I had them all 3 going with a few solar panels. I think the point of it taking so long is so you can choose what you want, but not instantly. I just started a new save yesterday, played for a decent hour, and I'm already shooting for the Large Battery. The only problem I see so far is the prioritization of the Labs with power. I have a single node coming off from my base, with 3 Labs coming off of it. If I put power in that central hub though, it prioritizes the center lab before the others, instead of evenly distributing the power. I'd rather have all of my labs running, rather than one running at full speed. The first image is what I'm talking about. Only powers the central lab, instead of distributing it evenly. I thought I had a second image of how I solved it, but I guess not. I'll attempt to grab it later today. But basically, I just put a solar panel on each lab, giving them their own power.