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  1. Taral

    Scrapper in 0.9.0

    Nope, brand new world on 0.9. They were little debris discs that were just too big to fit.
  2. Taral

    Scrapper in 0.9.0

    So I tried first building the Medium Scrapper. Which has to be built by a Small Fabricator. I don't usually build one of those on my starting planet. And the Medium Scrapper is... mostly useless. It won't even scrap the smaller debris that you find around -- literally just t1 modules. Could we at least let it scrap some small debris?
  3. The bright red glow is not actually terribly bright, or at least it wasn't when I died just before posting this. :-)
  4. [] Dying to multiple poison clouds is not obvious enough So one cloud on you is damaging, but not terrible. Multiple clouds, however, can kill you quick and you don't really get a strong indication that it's going to kill you soon.
  5. [] Rover can power research, but only initially When initiating a research job, the platform will pull power from an attached rover. But attaching a rover while research is ongoing does not provide power to that research project.
  6. [] Research items distort during storms This might not actually be a bug, but my artifacts started dancing during the storm. I've included a storm screenshot and a regular one. There's a green artifact that is clearly distorted in the storm one.
  7. [] I had a resin dropped by a platform by accident, and completed the two-resin-for-a-big-platform recipe. The loose resin just kinda disappeared. Edit: I found it! It was mostly overlapped with the platform cord.