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  1. Hey, so I noticed when I got on this morning that according to Steam that Astroneer was still running even though I exited to desktop and the window closed. I checked my task manager and sure enough, it was still there: Just wanted to make this known. Anyways now I have another half a dozen hours or so logged on Astroneer from it running all night long ;-D.
  2. Perhaps the trade platform could be modified into a general purpose launcher for both trade and setting up navigation networks?
  3. RedNeckSideKick

    Weather effecting Energy production (Wind/Solar)

    I think with the solar panels it's more based on the rotation of the planet, as I have had solar panels in the shadow of a mountain still produce power.
  4. RedNeckSideKick

    Named Beacons?

    I've heard quite a bit of talk about people wanting flags... Perhaps beacons could stay the same, but flags can have names (or even little plaques to leave a message behind).
  5. Greetings fellow astroneers! It has come to my attention that not only is hydrazine a real rocket fuel, but can also be used in a fuel cell in a similar way to hydrogen ( I feel that a hydrazine fuel cell would be an excellent way for dense power storage for extended rover missions and the like. Of course, the generator would have to be balanced such that the energy produced is less than the amount required to condense one canister of hydrazine at the fuel condenser, to prevent exploiting this for free energy (according to the wiki, the fuel condenser uses 256 units of energy to fill a canister, so I would suggest a production of 200 units). Unlike the organic- and coal-based generators, the fuel cell could pause if there is no demand for power (rover has stopped, batteries are full, etc.). I also made a very poorly drawn concept of what it might look like:
  6. Hi, I recently created my second base on the starting planet and have a huge research pod in a chamber there. I was wondering if I could head back to my main base and still have it research the pod.
  7. RedNeckSideKick

    Sandstorms do not spin turbines

    First of all, I'm not sure if this is a bug or just a missing feature. Either way, it appears that turbines (the small ones at least) do not spin during sandstorms. I play on PC if that helps.