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    Moreover, I would like to have the ability to change the speed of the train while I am sitting inside. Different speeds would then consume different amount of energy, superfast train would take a rather big solar plant (>20 big solar panels) to power it, making it an end game item and one of the reasons to continue development after everything has been researched. Travelling between bases in a hyperloop train means I get to enjoy the views, and in multiplayer I get to show off the scale of my infrastructure.
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    Trains are the #1 idea that I would like to see implemented in the game. I would've created my own suggestion if it had not already existed. For example, let's say I have two bases far apart, one for research, another for power generation, connected with extenders. Travelling by rover takes way too long (that is to say, it SHOULD take exactly that long), and taking shuttle becomes very boring after a few trips. Having a super-fast hyperloop train would solve that. Especially if one of the bases is deep under the ground, taking a rover or travelling on foot can be very exhausting. It would be nice to be able to build it in any direction, including up and down. It would also be nice to be able to build hyperloop bridges, e.g. across a big crater. We could create a pass through a mountain by attaching the drill to the front of the train, making the processing semi-automatic (e.g. requiring a button press every several feet). I have a design in my head but I am terrible at drawing. This picture I found is close enough.
  3. I was playing mutiplayer for the first time since the new update. The other player entered the landing pod (or does it have a new name now?), the game was saved, and he left the game. Then I entered the pod, tried to exit, but instead the door opens, my player falls to the floor inside the pod, then camera moves inside my astroneer. No matter what I do I can't move, I can only get back inside the pod, but when I exit the same thing happens again, so I am completely stuck.
  4. I only mentioned batteries as an example. As for what you said, I prefer medium batteries because of their design. It's important to me, because design is my favorite thing about the game. But thanks for the tip, definitely something to consider.
  5. I think it would be nice to be able to get rid of crafted items that you don't need after your research progresses. For example, you might craft a ton of small batteries in the beginning of the game, but once you unlock and acquire bigger ones, it would be nice to salvage those small batteries for a fraction of resources that can then be used to craft bigger batteries. Alternatively, you could make it possible to sell any crafted item using the trade platform, and not just raw resources.