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  1. Ok, I tried searching, but my search-fu wasn't strong enough... Mouse/keyboard Steam I had dug down through several levels of cave systems and wanted to show my friend a certain stalagmite that had five research nodes (the small ones) on it so he wouldn't destroy stalagmites like those since the nodes respawn over time. The bug is that he couldn't come down all of the way after me. The client had not synced all of the digging that I had completed. When he tried to dig through, the dirt kept regenerating continuously. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug? Create a new seed, have a player join the seed, continue playing until the bug occurs... it seems to be mostly random. I have personally experienced it on my end when I am not a host, but there didn't seem to be a catalyst. It may be caused by a spike in latency??? Don't know. Either way, information is not correctly syncing between clients to ensure that all changes made be each player are seen on both sides. You should see my head coming out of the ground in the screenshot. It was taken by the non-host player to show me.
  2. Hey, guys. In the tutorial play-mode... When you get to the point where you need to research things to earn points. The game tells you to pick up the research objects but does not tell you (in the objectives) to highlight the object and press F. While this may seem like common sense to look at the tooltip to see how the objects are used, It really wasn't obvious. I'm used to researching the old way. I think it would be nice to have an objective tell you what to do. Tutorials shouldn't leave anything to common sense. They should explain all of the steps needed to do a thing. Now, I have written this before noticing that the game attempted to show me the way. But the first time I tried to research for points... the game did NOT show me what to do. Not in an obvious enough way for a tutorial. That said, I would still recommend having the instructions in the objectives.
  3. Like the title says. Since something with my graphics card continues to make the game crash randomly (I know its my graphics card... I'll either be replacing it or getting a new computer for Christmas,) it would be nice if entering your hub or vehicle was not the only autosave trigger. Personally, I think that any time we finish a new building, or build a vehicle, or even after a certain amount of time... the game should automatically save our progress.
  4. Steam - Astroneer version 0.4.10223.0 on PC - Windows 10 Every sunrise, I can see light entering the cave where i have my Large Rover equipped with a windmill, solar panel, and battery. I also have the normal equips: 1 man seater, large storage equipped with multiple medium storages... and the large rover is towing a medium rover via umbilical and that trailer also has two medium storage attached to it. The problem, is that when the sun "enters" the cave, the solar panel opens and refills my battery. I could be down here forever and never run out of juice. I think this has more to do with the way the planets are generated, as sunlight is bleeding through the planet's mesh, but there are other ways to fix this like have cave biomes flagged to deactivate solar peripherals.