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  1. Davenaut

    Big Purple things are flying, why?

    HAHA! @MAJOR WOODS that will teach me to not check Reddit first! Thanks for the great tip. @Buddha (Aus) To add to your orienteering tip: The shuttle has an east-west orbit around each planet. The sun rises in the west and sets in the east. When you click launch to see the solar system view, to choose a new planet to travel to, the camera is then oriented so the planet's "North Poles" are down. At the Gateway Chamber, when you gaze into the odd stone and get the map of elevations, Elevation 3 is the chamber at the "North Pole" (the right side of the map). If you travel to the Elevation 3 chamber, your compass will point north as your circle the chamber, right to the very point of the odd stone's epicenter. So orientation is a bit confusing in Astroneer as "up" is never consistent. I am not sure if that was a deliberate game play idea to make players rely on their rudimentary orienteering techniques, but I guess somehow we have to make all those years of Boyscout/Girlscout training pay off!
  2. Davenaut

    Big Purple things are flying, why?

    Yeah, I just finished all the 6 surface gateways on Glacio and many were high above the ground. Hard to haul 3 packaged Solar Arrays up a soil ramp to get there... 😣
  3. Davenaut

    Vehicle Carriers

    @Robotron, welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your ideas. Just to clarify what @CopperyMarrow15 is saying, 1 Graphite allows you to create a Packager, and you can use this item "package up" many items for stowing on the Medium and Large Shuttles. I find this planning and logistics mechanic quite enjoyable when preparing to go off-world. Maybe that makes me a bit odd (or not surprising I gravitated to playing Astroneer, haha!)
  4. Davenaut

    Printable Elevator!!!🤯

    I would love elevator modules. There could be two versions: the smaller passenger elevator and a rover-sized one.
  5. I had the same feelings too about shredding all the garbage, but then the irony was not lost on me. I think of all the abandoned garbage on our moon from all the space missions, I think about how we round up bury our garbage on Earth to make things look tidy. How art imitates life, having this garbage problem in Astroneer...
  6. +1 to this idea. I imagined that System Era always had this plan, but we have to give them something for Astroneer 2.0, haha! I second the kudos. System Era has made many great decisions to get the game to here, and it is so much fun to play. Thanks for the terrific experience!
  7. Davenaut

    Hotkey for Headlamp

    That could work well with the existing worklight toggle, namely having a worklight attached to one of the two upper backpack slots can be toggled by hitting one of either the Context Left (default C key or Context Right (default F key), depending upon whether it is in the left or right upper slot. Perhaps if the backpack worklight used only one Context Key and the default headlamp was the other Context Key that might be a solution. I can imagine System Era never wanted you to accidentally turn off the default headlamp so they just left it on for ease of game play.
  8. Davenaut

    Bytes and Research: Ideas for further use

    I like your idea for completing all the research samples on each planet with a codex of unlocked items. That would be fun. Your second suggestion I elaborated on here: Good ideas.
  9. I agree. +1 to this idea. The jackknifing is frustrating. You have some sound ideas on how to fix the problem, @BihtSift. RE: Stretch Goals: Multiplayer The "hook and ladder" idea from the old fire trucks having a driver at the front and a driver to steer the back would actually be hilarious fun. There was even an old arcade video game where you could do just that. It was called Fire Truck from Atari (1978): https://www.arcade-history.com/?n=fire-truck&page=detail&id=854
  10. I have been playing the release version of Astroneer and I have gone fairly far into the game, to the point where every schematic is researched. Any the planets are still rife with researchables. I think it would be would be a good idea to have another use for those bytes, and I still think trading them for resources would be a good addition to the game. This mechanism would require a balanced byte to resource ratio obviously. If the game designers were not so keen on the ByteKoin idea, they could just add an interface panel to the Large Shredder that would allow the Astroneer to convert Bytes into a scrap resource to trade on the Trade Platform. Any thoughts?
  11. I really hope System Era can fix this problem in the next patch, It is intolerable on Novus moon. It happens every 10-15 minutes...
  12. Davenaut

    Beacon Resource Icons

    We were having a discussion in another thread about naming beacons, but adding icons to beacons takes it a step further that's for sure. It's in the same spirit of how Google Earth let you assign an icon to a push pin. I appreciate your mock-up images, @handofthesly
  13. Davenaut

    Make distant beacons visible on the horizon

    The three-character names remind me of the old GPSs that allowed you to set way points. The early ones used a three number system. Sure, you can still be creative with 3 characters!
  14. Davenaut

    Placeable Signposts?

    Yeah, I wish for signs too. For now I use the Add Terrain Tool and make a bunch of dorky-looking pillars, some with right angles to indicate direction. I also make a pillar from a roof to the floor of a cave to indicate "complete" so I don't confuse myself.
  15. Davenaut

    Make distant beacons visible on the horizon

    I agree, more could be done for planetary navigation, and beacons are an easy way to do it. I like the idea of seeing them below the horizon, or at least having them cut through the cloud layer. Changing the color is handy but not enough. I really wish I could give them at least an eight character label (could be more than 8 characters, but 8-character naming has that computer retro flavor). Having labels would be even more helpful.