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  1. Davenaut

    Time UI

    Yes, an indication of Day/night cycles would be a handy addition. I would love to see an animated day-night icon since most planets don't follow the terran 24-hour cycle. +1
  2. Davenaut

    Anti-Survival thread

    For me, I see the game style of Astroneer plotted on a venn diagram with "Exploration" in one circle and "Survival" in another intersecting circle. Astroneer lies somewhere within the intersection, but definitely more towards the "Explore" side. Minecraft would be more towards the "Survival" side. I like the Explore aspect of Astroneer, but it's also fun having some survival aspects, and I am reverent of my mortality with every tether I lay down, or every time go exploring deep holes in dark caves, or a storm whips up and I am in the middle of nowhere.
  3. Davenaut

    Terrain Tool; GPS Mod, Managing Mods

    I like these two ideas. The second idea of a ZED Mod and a Planetary Mod (Maybe call it the Arc Mod?) would give you a real fine-tuned sculpting ability; nice one! Managing Mods Idea: It is a pain managing Terrain Tool Mods and having "on/off" toggles is a good idea! I can see what System Era is going for in the game, having everything as a "physical" experience in the game, like if you want a different mod, you have to remove it from your backpack and physically attach it to your base Terrain Tool. Your solution is easier, which I like, but it does not fit as well with the existing gameplay. A compromise would be: two dedicated Mod slots on the Terrain Tool (the side slots) for two Mods that can be toggled on or off with different effects like the "Zed Mod" and "Planetary Mod" (Arc Mod?). Any two Mods can be manually added to the Terrain Tool via the backpack as usual, but when the Terrain Tool is out and active, "on/off" toggling could be quick using the [Context LEFT] key for Mod on the side-top Tier-1 slot, and [Context RIGHT] key for the side-bottom Tier-1 slot. Lights on the Mods would cycle red and green to indicate which one is on and off. I would relegate the two Tier-1 slots on the side of the Terrain Tool exclusively for Mods. The top Tier-1 slot for canisters only, back slot for resource collection output as normal. Extra canister output capacity is handled by canisters in one of the backpack slots as normal. Two strong ideas, @Bargeral!
  4. Davenaut

    [Suggestion] Health Bar

    Good one. I have often wished to know just how much life is left in my clumsy Astroneer. I have even wondered if you "heal back up" over time. Does anyone from the Dev team know?
  5. Davenaut

    Power should be more of a problem.

    I have thought about this as well and I agree it is not very realistic. I can see System Era's reasoning for the unmodded terrain tool not requiring power as it helps balance the early game. How about if tighter power management , like you are suggesting, is an expert option you can choose at the beginning of the game? The game would default to the current easier power management option.
  6. I agree! Legacy space junk would be nostalgic and fun. The color idea is good too. You could even use the color schemes to tell a small story about the different failed factions that have tried to tame each planet.
  7. Davenaut

    Flora Idea

    I like the idea of a bioluminescent plant. It would look quite beautiful on the landscape! Having them grow small, useful game items is fun, and consequences for their destruction is always entertaining.
  8. Davenaut

    Item Storage idea

    Astroneer seems built upon the tiered storage management idea, every item clicking into tiers is all part of the resource management. Like you said, it would render the current storage system redundant. I certainly can see the advantage of your suggestion, and I like your renders!
  9. I like this idea. It works well with the Hydrazine fuel tank/propulsion system as well.
  10. Davenaut

    Salvage compactor

    Would this not make the shredder module at the base redundant? But I get why you want this because currently an Astroneer can only use the winch and tow one piece of debris at a time back to the base shredder module.
  11. Davenaut

    Idea: Name saved games.

    Good idea and improvement. It's like giving them mission names. It actually adds to the fun of the game right from the get-go. Now if we can only name our Astroneers 🙂 ...
  12. +1 @Eincrou I get what you are saying. The values are high for research and perhaps they should be lowered for balance. But consider as well, to get to the Exotic Planet you have already done substantially research to unlock all the things necessary for travel to another planet and establishing a thriving base there. So not denying that the research values could be lower (or fewer Cavern Lure flora) , but an acceleration of research is a fair reward for making it to another planet.
  13. Davenaut


    Hahaha, yeah. Personalized plates on the rover! Any of these customization ideas are great, especially in multiplayer. Nothing says, "hands off my ride" more than custom paint and personalized plates. 🙂
  14. Davenaut

    Astroneer 1.0 QOL suggestion thread

    @romabysen All solid improvement ideas.
  15. Davenaut

    Zoom mode

    Check out this idea for the Telescope (2nd paragraph). I believe it could accomplish what you are requesting: