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  1. I suspect they are touching up the last update asap for us then Grinding to the 1.0 release. I would expect a bunch of patch releases after 1.0 as I seriously doubt it will be bug-free. like there is such a thing as bug-free anymore. Looking forward like ever else to T2.0
  2. I have looked, hoped and dreamed for some Pax West footage of Terrain 2.0. I did find this on youtube around 14 min mark Perhaps there will be a new drop update soon :-)
  3. They will need to release terrain 2.0 before release to get some solid testing on it and fixed Game breaking bugs. I hope it would be released before summer is over but who knows honestly.
  4. Oh to find a space snail....for some galactic escargot
  5. good point. I just figured a mid level pc would handle running the server better. I would try t anyway just to see. my two cents.
  6. Astroneer is still very much an alpha product and still needs a great deal of optimization. I would suggest you do not run the server on your friends Xbox at this time. The Xbox or PC running the server has to manage the whole world and all the objects in it so while Xbox is a good gaming console it won't perform well as a least for now. So for now let your PC run the world and he can join as a client. I thing your experience will be a bit better.
  7. Its a list of what they want to develop for the game and a rough schedule, nothing more nothing less. If you took it as marketing that's on you.
  8. they need a optimization pass. One that just focuses on optimization and nothing else in my opinion.
  9. I have looked at the dev list and I don't see any issues. It's a guide, it is not a release schedule.
  10. I've had it happen a few times. terraforming the area a bit seems to resolve it but I have always had seam's when it has occurred so your luck may vary,,,
  11. They didn't get it out in the one month timeframe. they were late by about 8-10 days. They went to a E3 and it likely put them a little bit behind. As far as i am concerned....not a big deal. They have been pretty constant with delivering monthly for awhile now so I really don't see why the sky is falling for some. There are some items that I don't use much but I don't care if they remain because maybe someone else does use them. I do agree that they should communicate more with the early access adopters or anyone interested in the game.
  12. reboot your you get it
  13. cool deal, to the little rover we go. On PC i already see the performance improvements. especially with a large number of tethers deployed.
  14. I think GDC put them behind a little bit. If we have to wait until may so be it. I'd rather SE be happy with releasing it then releasing it because we want it. Trust me they want it in our hands too.
  15. I see your points but i don't necessarily agree with them design is a iterative process they try new things and if it doesn't work they change it. my opinions below They play the game, tethers are restrictive and ugly(not everything is beautiful) but you are on an alien world(s) so it seems to me to be a valid mechanic to have them in the beginning. They currently cause lag but I suspect that is a optimization issue and with the performance work in the next release could be addressed. You should continue your critique of the game, i'm sure they read all of these thr
  16. once they get a few optimization passes in and fully utilize the GPU performance will not be an issue I think. I have run this on a AMD phenom processor with a RX 280 and had decent performance. I know have a older I7 3000 series and a AMD R9 Nano. I only see major perf issues when we have multiple worlds going and tethers everywhere on all planets
  17. I think tethers should be a stepping stone to a different technology. Use them in the beginning and as you progress you perhaps get the ability to have a pack that pull o2 out of the atmosphere but perhaps is limited in some other way. Perhaps there will be worlds with breathable atmosphere's and those that are more hostile to carbon based life. You also have to remember this is a small team and they have limited resources but I am sure they welcome feedback and ideas.
  18. i'm going to guess the next update will be ready when it is ready. I personally want one soon too but I also realize GDC may have put them behind or they just need additional time, either way I am waiting patiently.
  19. Really quick question, anyone aware of a map function coming?
  20. The bytes methodology needs to be refactored a bit. I see what they are trying to do but def needs a bit of tweaking. additionally, Hitting Q twice doesn't work for me either. Still love the game though just rework that system.
  21. it's a little thing but I love the colorful tether lights System Era :-)
  22. Awesome update so far guys from what I have read. On the dedicated server side of the house, will we eventually be able to run our own? hoping the answer to this is yes. i'm a new poster but I have had the game for around a year...