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    [CHALLENGE] - Space Race

    That is the point of the challenge. Making it hard to find resources. You can build as many tethers as you want but you cannot bring them to other planets. Also you can build a rover or a truck to cover more ground and find resources faster. You can use everything in the game to help you. But you have to leave them behind when you leave. I'm doing it again and it is real fun. Makes the game a lot harder. I'm still on Terran, trying to unlock the habitat. But for that I need to find new artifacts that I did not discover yet. They are hard to find.
  2. freddyLuxe

    [CHALLENGE] - Space Race

    Hi, I've done a fun little challenge and I wanted to share it with you guys. It's not super original, probably other people have done it too, but I thought about it yesterday and I think it's a good idea. Goal of the challenge : ------ You have to colonize all planets as quick as possible. Terran, Baren, Exotic, Arid Tundra and Radiated. Rules : ------ 1- When you want to leave a planet, you can bring only a Habitat and your shuttle. Empty your backpack completely before leaving. 2- You put MAXIMUM 2 fuel in your shuttle, so you can go and land on another planet and not be able to come back. 3- You cannot come back to a planet you already been on. 4- You die, you start a new game. ----------------------------------- You will be forced to find at least Resin, Compound, Copper and Hydrazine on every planet you visit so you can build a Habitat and leave. If you cannot find Hydrazine, no worries you can make a fuel condenser. But remember, maximum of 2 fuel. To win the challenge, you have to go back to Terran with a Habitat that you built on the last planet. Too easy? If you want the challenge to be harder, try making all the possible platforms for each of your bases on every planet. So on every planet, you will have a base with all possible type of platform (machines). You will need to find a great ammount of resources which can be rare on some planets. Let me know what you think
  3. **** Version : PC Steam What I did : Went to another planet to search for rare materials **** I found some rare materials when I got to other planets. In this particular case, it was Lithium, but Titanium has the same bug. The problem is that Titanium and also Lithium (maybe more) spawns on a type of rock that I cannot break with my tool. So I can get some that spawned around, but the main chunk is unobtainable. (see screenshot). Anybody else have this issue?
  4. freddyLuxe

    Game doesn't starts!

    Here is a [BLOCKER] issue that makes the game unplayable when we start exploring further away :
  5. freddyLuxe

    [Merged] Data point on Tether Issue

    Really nice to know ! I can't wait for a fix this game is so addictive ! haha
  6. freddyLuxe

    [Merged] Data point on Tether Issue

    I have the same problem, I created a topic earlier today about it where I describe my case : It really seems to be tied to exploring more terrain. Tethers doesn't seem to affect any of this. Only terrain generation / loading stuff. I have games with no tether, no base nothing. All I did was walk as far as possible, taking oxygen from the ground until I die. And I get low FPS.
  7. freddyLuxe

    Base oxygen connection radius

    I also noticed this behavior. It should be a radius around each modules, not just the habitat.
  8. freddyLuxe

    [Merged] FPS Drop Reports

    ****** Game purchased on Steam SPECS : Win 10 (x64), GPU: nVidia GTX 970 (4gb), CPU: Intel i7 2600, RAM: 16gb DDR3 ****** Bug description I notice my FPS drops as I explore the planet. The further I'm exploring, the less FPS I get. If I restart the game or the computer, and load up my save, I still have the same (reduced) ammount of FPS. It is like the game keeps everything in memory and at some point there are too much information and it makes the game run slower and slower until it becomes unplayable. Examples On my first game, and most advanced one, I started the game with a solid 60FPS. Then I built a rover and tried to make the trip around the planet. When I got back home, I was getting 25FPS. Then I built a shuttle and went on other planets. That reduced my FPS even more to a stable 10FPS. The game became unplayable and I stopped playing on this saved file. Another example is the game I am currently playing on. Once again I started with a solid 60FPS. Built a truck and went exploring to find some crashed ships and stuff to research. I didn't go that far, but now I'm stuck with 35FPS. Conclusion This bug has to be fixed. This is an exploration game and we cannot explore without reducing game's performances. I am sure my specs are way over the recommended and I should be able to keep my FPS to a solid 60 even while exploring. I don't mind if it drops a little bit when I explore and lot of stuff loads up, but it should come back to 60, not getting stuck at low FPS.
  9. freddyLuxe

    FPS Drop issue on PC

    Yeah but you shouldn't need a GTX 1080 to play this game at a decent fps.... I think my GPU is pretty decent and also I am sure my system beats up the recommended requirements. So yeah I should be able to play this game at a decent fps.
  10. freddyLuxe

    Load game surprises

    Every time I load my game I get weird surprises. - tether are disconnected - Rover flying all over the place and I lose it because it goes under the ground and never get back. - Inventory is floating over my backpack these are the bus I get when I load the game, every time.
  11. freddyLuxe

    FPS Drop issue on PC

    I have a decent PC My FPS drops heavily while playing this game. Sometime I get over 50 FPS, then it goes down as low as 10 FPS. I get a medium of 22 FPS. SPECS Win 10 x64 | Nvidia GeForce GTX970 4gb | 16 RB RAM | i7 2600 I can play Just Cause 3 and GTA V at 60 FPS on Ultra so this game should run easily at 60FPS (I will be happy with over 40 fps)
  12. I have my smelter. I put a solar panel on it (takes 2 spots) so I only have 3 spots available. I put 4 mineral on it. It gives me 3 copper and the fourth disappears into the void. I think when it has not spot to lock on, it should drop on the floor instead of disappearing.
  13. freddyLuxe

    Cannot move shuttle

    I built a shuttle, went into space. landed on some planets... had fun.. Then I went back to my home base. The shuttle landed exactly at the same place where I built it (in front of the vehicle bay) I cannot move the shuttle. I cannot build any other vehicle because the shuttle in in the way. I only can build a 1-seat... but I want to build a truck. I have to build another vehicle bay so I can build my truck. We should be able to move the shuttle.
  14. freddyLuxe

    How to share your Astroneer crash report

    Loaded up my saved game All my inventory were floating over my backpack My rover was flying into the air (I had a habitat on it), then it went through the ground then again it flew away in the air... lost it somewhere into the planet's core haha Then I tried to reload the game by goind to the menu... game crashed.. Loaded up the game again and everything went nuts again.