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  1. LeeTheG666

    Various Suggestions

    Terrain tool overhaul building on existing functions here is a handful of of some of my ideas hope they help . Energy rope :fire at a ceiling in a cave a swing across a gap for a faster travel on foot ,this would take small bust of your energy when in use. Tractor beam :instead of fiddling with clicking joy stick and camera wobble just switch to tractor beam to lift objects and place objects ,also allows you to pick up heavy objects but again will take energy when in use. Freeze beam :Only works on organic plant life ,when life on planets spike you or gas you it sucks so just switch to freeze beam this will freeze the attacking plant for 20 seconds giving you time to retreat or switch to terrain tool and dig it up Energy shield :Get caught in a storm fly rocks every where ? Switch to Energy shield point it at your feet and fire this will create a ball of energy around you which will deflect flying rocks but but beware it only lasts as long as you have energy , and trigger on controller must be held when active when trigger is released shield should deactivate straight away ,also when shield is active you cannot move you are fixed until shield is again deactivated Square terrain tool :A Square block terrain tool so when building you can create blocks of terrain ,also straighter walls and tighter angels when terra forming, but you can also cycle through 3 sizes of blocks to terra -form with 1x1, 2x2 and 4x4.
  2. LeeTheG666

    Welcome Fellow Astroneers!

    Thanks Litho right back at you dude ? im an old school gamer been bashing games since the 80's been through pretty much everything there is console and Pc but always had a soft spot for Xbox. Im gonna be covering this game everyday through twitch and twitter im hooked old school gaming zero BS
  3. LeeTheG666

    Welcome Fellow Astroneers!

    ok folks what i did to get the trial early is change my time 14 hrs ahead and change location of my console to new zealand restart console ,go to store and search Astoneer game will pop up option to buy or play trial, hit play trial download is just over 1gig , when finish switch location and time back enjoy
  4. LeeTheG666

    Bug Report

    Wandering cursor as your walking forward some times your yellow select cursor kinda lags behind you and you have to click it off and back on again by pressing x to recenter its not game breaking in anyway but is slighty off putting when digging terrain ,but still a great game. ?
  5. LeeTheG666

    Welcome Fellow Astroneers!

    HI i just finished the trial what an epic game roll on full release ,anyone else on xbox ?