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  1. Ragingdonut

    Strangely bad framerate.

  2. Ragingdonut

    Enhanced Mining Vehicles

    I'm thinking of a vehicle specifically designed for mining, it would act like the drill now, but be much more designed for cave maneuvering. Another tether-esque system, would be to have transport tubes for items. They would have to be rare enough (made out of titanium), and would transport items to their connected point, a transport truck or your base, and would consume power.
  3. The title's pretty self-explanatory.
  4. In my 7 hour long game, I've had a lot of updates, but I'm not sure if they are doing anything. Do I need to make a new save?
  5. Ragingdonut

    Drill is super fun but useless

    If you attach a crane and then the drill, you can drill very efficiently.
  6. Ragingdonut

    Strangely bad framerate.

    In my game (7 hours in) I've noticed a definite increase in lag. As an experiment, I started a new game, and that was lag free. THEORY: I think it might be tethers, or maybe it's just an old world.
  7. Ragingdonut

    Missing Objects (PC Steam)

    I've noticed that the past couple times I entered the game, my storage pods (not connected to base) have disappeared, with the items in them. In my last game, my truck (and trailer) just vanished. Has anyone else had this problem?