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  1. An update for other people experiencing this problem: We've gotten more successful connections by deleting the local game data on the PC before reconnecting. I've tried a lot of the things suggested on Reddit and in these forums. Restarting the Xbox and PC between connection attempts, making sure one device is loaded into the game first, resetting routers, reconfiguring firewalls, making sure NAT is open, using wired local networks vs wireless local networks. While some of these probably matter (make sure you have a firewall exception and make sure both NATs are as close to "open" as you can get) a lot of the suggestions I see are basically voodoo. "Restart your Xbox, spin around 3 times, load the game on PC, and chant 'Astroneer' while Xbox tries to connect." Here is what has led to the most successful connections for me and my friends: 1. Navigate to the local game data on Windows 10. Type %localappdata% into the Windows 10 search bar (by the start menu). Open the 'Packages' folder. Scroll down until you see a "SystemEraSoftworks.xxxxx" folder. (It'll have a string of characters in place of the Xs). 2. Delete or move this folder. You can drag it to your Desktop if you want to keep a back up. Or you can just straight up delete it. 3. Launch the game. It might crash. That's okay. Launch it again. 4. When the game loads to the main menu, it'll pause to resync your data. After it syncs you should see your previous saves again. 5. Load the save you want to play. 6. Invite your Xbox counterpart. (It'll load for awhile, there might be a weird flash, then they can press A and it'll show them a home icon on the planet on the main menu.) 7. Have the Xbox player pick a character and launch. 8. Enjoy building rover jumps together! Hope this helps anybody. No guarantees it'll work for you, but it's definitely been the most reliable connection method for me.
  2. Hosting on Windows 10 and inviting an Xbox One player works reliably only on brand new saves. Once we play, build structures, alter terrain, etc, it becomes increasingly difficult to successfully connect. Currently hosting on a Windows 10 machine. Same home network. No firewall on the router. Any suggestions on what we could do to improve our chances of connecting?