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  1. XP-Lionheart

    Savefile Woes Ver

    Was looking forward to the 1.0 release. I missed playing on the 6th, but played shortly after. I had been to 3 planets & powered a few of the purple gates . . . still not sure what they do. Then my save file locked up. Meaning, as soon as I try to load "One point Oh" the entire system locks up. I set out again on a new beginning. The new save file is "Unwrecked". It will load, but it will not write over the file. I've created a 2nd base on that planet several times, but each time, I'll either go to the small shuttle, or chose something like save, or save & quit. The client crashes & the file reverts back to . . . well to what you see when it loads. I have a small printer, platform B (not large) with a medium printer, and a medium storage with some starting items I've brought. I'll note I did bring my starting oxygenator, and I think the medium gen very well could have been found on starting planet (underground) and repackaged. My hope is this is not an isolated instance, and the save files may help discover why it is crashing. Attached is everything in the save directory. AUTOSAVE_0_2019.02.03-07.41.38.sav AUTOSAVE_0_2019.02.03-07.41.54.sav ONE POINT OH$2019.02.11-08.07.17.savegame PersistentLocalPlayerData.savecfg UNWRECKED$2019.02.13-22.53.08.savegame
  2. XP-Lionheart

    Keybinding Failure - Simple

    My best guess is that the rover (code) just says to use "W" as forward, instead of calling for the variable key set by the config menu. Hopefully it's an easy fix.
  3. XP-Lionheart

    Keybinding Failure - Simple

    I've brought this up before, and the bug still remains. It seems like a very basic issue & hope it is addressed before 1.0 release When changing binds, the controls don't work properly. I know I'm not in alone in despising the WASD format, I realize it's common (probably the most common layout). However I prefer using the "Home row keys" . . . this is the natural position of the hand on the keyboard & why the "F" and "J" keys are raised on most standard keyboards. What this does, is require a shift from WASD to ESDF Walking around is fine, but once in a rover, the controls are a nightmare. Please research the source of the configuration conundrum (hopefully prior to 1.0 release). TYVM tb:mtf
  4. XP-Lionheart

    Vehicle Controls

    Shifting from non-default controls (WASD) causes issues with controlling rovers. As with all games, I prefer the "home position" for keyboard use, which causes a shift from WASD to ESDF. With this config, the game does not save the config properly for vehicles. The intended ESDF becomes more like EAFS. Rebinding the keys does not help, rebooting does not help. This was reported before the September 6 update. With 2 reinstalled clients, the glitch is still in the builds.
  5. XP-Lionheart

    "Flat" button combo

    I think a combo like Shift alt or control alt making an absolute "level" would be a good thing. Same for 90 degree walls
  6. XP-Lionheart

    A few thoughts

    And, so no confusion or anything, but if you're seeing an upside down chair one, that's not Photoshop, it is simple paste into ms-paint. so, how about a hydrazine loaded could be idk, a preferred landing location vs. squashing the mini-moon-hooper. (Mooper?) This way, instead of a space-sliver, I'd have like "HUGE CIRCLE" *HOME* Wavy-arms, you know, THE SIGNAL! because crushing the family-sedan on land #1 ain't cool.Thar-UUUUuge yeller landing zone w/ not an x, or H, but maybe some logo-landing balloon blinky-thing with a cool sound effect? hrm, sound effect guys? It dosen't have to dap or anything, not that it cant, or should. . . maybe when this medium gen finally gets fed a black boulder from another planet . . . *bam*
  7. XP-Lionheart

    A few thoughts

    messed up tags without comma . . . well that was the suggestion to have a robot that collects tethers. Something that had no sensible feature. Maybe just have the thing more of a living safety-cone & it would rate the conditions as sensible, full of radians, or heavy wind indicator. The thought was that this thing would find it's way to the end of a line and would kinda get confused at times on how to pass an intersection. If I were to really go-for it, logic on tether-intersections would need to (could) have option of identifying with the closest beacon. So if after the following tether, there was a red beacon, then a bot with a command to avoid red would choose one of the other paths. Tethers could become waypoints & route-logic hubs. There is some confusion that I have about power . . . why sometimes I'll have a battery & at times power will join oxygen and other times a partial battery on the vehicle overrides. (?) At some point, there should only be so much matter left on a planet & procedural generation can reduce to zero. Then the perma's are not even the big spheres that are popping. idk, people just saying no end game. How about Trade link to some form of more-player content. So basically the environment feeds the mini-game.
  8. I built several buildings & think there is one called a printer that I can't make with my current base config, It would be nice to be able to break down / destroy a building. Or to be able to move them around if you are in the central starting / saving pod.