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    Tenabrae's Module Ideas List

    Yeah it's hard to make suggestions in a vacuum since we don't know what the devs have solidly planned and what is just ideas at the moment. I've tried to keep my suggestions to mostly things that would be useful right now with the featureset we have.
  2. I agree with the OP, the current tool is great, but an additional smooth feature would make it that much better, especially when your base suddenly decides to drop down into the ground and for making those ramp transitions without fudging around forever between the current tools.
  3. These are things I either keep wanting, or just think would be cool/useful. BASES landing platform (must have cool landing lights) - dedicated landing platform for flying things so they don't take up a construction bay. mining drone - requires power and fuel - set a mining beacon (a craftable) and the mining drone will mine any resource within <x> of the beacon, bringing back a few at a time and placing them in whatever storage is available (so a slow steady mining process requiring resources and time rather than player intervention) VEHICLE spotlight rig - like crane, takes up a large mount pair and can be rotated freely by the operator. Wide long light cone to illuminate mining operations underground. tug module - improve the pulling power of a vehicle, takes up two large mount pairs and allows the vehicle to either pull a single truck trailer easily, or two at a lesser speed. (adjust for balance) vehicle type/replacement - give the rover big wheels ! make it faster / more agile than the truck UTILITY (backpack/placeable) light - lamp post that can be placed like a beacon (i.e. won't blow away in a storm). Must be placed in tether range to get power. navigation module - adds a compass to the HUD (even in a vehicle) AND an arrow pointing to the nearest base. Possibly toggle to allow nearest base/beacon/vehicle/tether. Minimap ? jetpack module - cuts or improves safe falling distance and allows say triple jump height per module (plus safe landing from that height) OR a hold down jump button jet boost, more power/duration per module. grapple module - I think we all know what a grapple gun does in video games bio-filter - reduces/removes gas damage stim pack - adds health / acts as a buffer vs damage and recharges when tethered or with oxy AND power CHANGES make beacons adjustable/nameable - for simplicity/console friendliness perhaps just allow them to be clicked on the ground to change colour ?
  4. tenabrae


    I'm totally into this idea ... given the game already auto-fills in the tethers, and assuming the tether tech is eventually bug fixed, you may not even need to do full pathing ... set up train station A, set up train station B, if there's a clear path between them under <x> distance game generates a rail tube/monorail/train-O-matic-laser-grid.
  5. tenabrae

    Close pod door when inside during a storm

    Agree with this. It's also a bit weird that being in an open-air vehicle when poison gas passes by protects you when your otherwise closed environment suit doesn't.
  6. I'm pretty happy with where it is right now. I might agree that your initial O2 supply should be a little more resilient and the tanks add a little less per tank (netting a similar total time as now which is pretty reasonable once you start working from a vehicle) as the initial 02 does run out very quickly. It's worth keeping in mind that if 02 and energy in caves stay as plentiful as they are now, your exploration time underground is pretty solid.
  7. tenabrae

    Truck Plow

    This seems like a cool idea... If it also auto-levelled the terrain with on/of toggle for road building that'd be a sweet utility tool. Maybe a steamroller ?
  8. tenabrae

    Conduit Running Between Planets

    haha that's an awesome feature. All the tether stuff seems buggy as heck right now.
  9. tenabrae

    Lost Ores when Smelter Runs out of Power

    I had a similar issue when there was no storage space, it just kept crafting and lost the extras.
  10. tenabrae

    Root pods coming through ceiling of cave

    yup I get this on PC as well. Random resource rain.
  11. tenabrae

    The Exchange platform "breaks" the game

    I agree with Squidlord ... there's no imbalance in a pre-alpha game, we're playing with toys, it's not even feature complete. Heck, you're not even 'playing a game' at this stage, you'rep laying with a half-baked digging simulator. It's heaps of fun, but it's more practical to suggest features/report bugs than it is to say one minor aspect out of a dozen things that actually exist in the game at this point is 'too powerful'.