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  1. I agree that I waste a ton of time now trying to find a path to drive without a ton of useless fauna and pit falls everywhere. I miss the storms, it was the only undodgeable element of danger, and it would blow away anything not locked down. I still want an interior base. Like a home inside with spots for gear and equipment. big enough for its own printers etc, and research tubes, more a home atmosphere dome or something.
  2. Sorry, clicked the wrong button in the forum, and it let me edit it. very odd. Anywho` I was giving props to this post! The game Devs are Demigods of player driven content, IMO- keep it coming, I will keep updating! Wow so many player suggestions in that list, it is amazing to see! Oh and my apologies If I did anything wrong, I am a forum nub. lol I think I am clicking the right thing, and BOOM! J/K
  3. An AI Storage unit. One you have to power, but it follows you around, small on tracks-- and when you open it, it is a storage hauler. Maybe even the same amount of one node slots as in your bag. 8 slots. I have included a rough idea. It could have a "Stay/ Follow" activation toggle. Maybe offer a temp power source connection on the back. For limited power on the go.
  4. 1.0 is not a Full release in technical analysis. Still love the update though. (Amazing additions, and I understand the "Bug/Code" business, don't get me wrong.) Let us begin with Coder/Developer technical definitions, so none are misled by this common label language: Beta: Beta phase generally begins when the software is feature complete but likely to contain a number of known or unknown bugs.[4] Software in the beta phase will generally have many more bugs in it than completed software, speed or performance issues, and may still cause crashes or data loss. The focus of beta testing is reducing impacts to users, often incorporating usability testing. The process of delivering a beta version to the users is called beta release and this is typically the first time that the software is available outside of the organization that developed it. Beta version software is often useful for demonstrations and previews within an organization and to prospective customers. Some developers refer to this stage as a preview, preview release, prototype, technical preview / technology preview (TP),[5] or early access. Astroneer in my opinion, is still deep in Beta zone. On the Edge of Escaping the Dark Forest, but not quite there~ WHY? What do I base this on? - Functionality to a "Regular Gamer" - Universal definitions used by developers, coders AND gamers (See Beta Definition ABOVE.) - vehicles still phase through the ground - Objects still phase through ground or vanish - Multiplayer is impossible on lag - Solo game lags hard once the terrain has been altered - Objects and tools will clip through terrain - (New issue) Double visioned object ghosts. Seeing duplicates of objects or their name labels, floating in mirror image away from the tagged object. Losing interactions. - The new "Hold Item" has no release or place function. - Still have not fixed BEACON visibility from distances - This in my opinion is the last bag of fixes for this game to be complete. So to a degree, this is pretty darned complete for any game ramping up. But I have to say these have to be fixed so the common player does not encounter these issues, and thus give Astroneer a bad running name as garbage, when it deserves more! We want new NON Alpha-Beta players to not get the wrong idea, seeing Astroneer tagged a complete game, when it is on the back end of Beta-- so it does not get a bad label and name in the judging gamer community as trash. Save Astroneers good game & Name! UPDATE! This post is not a BUG report, it is a REQUEST to TAG the game as BETA- so NON BETA players do not come in, and bad mouth the Project. Plain and simple. (cc: Official Forums, Astroneer Wiki, Message Blog) Please Obi-wan, you're our only Hope! I hope someone actually reads this and takes it to heart. You are not the Size company that can handle a ton of negative publicity in the game community. "Normal Gamers" are judgemental, opinionated & fickle, about the wrong things. Be warned. Your inviting them to spend their money.
  5. Hey and welcome to the game forums! This game has a greater goal than most- it is extremely player influenced. As a heads up the goal in the end (it is still not a completed game, thus the Beta/ Alpha tags stages) is to return HOME. However, one thing I did not see you mention is all the vast exploring and resourcing to unlock tech to get to other planets-- and the star system is realistic in which you can only jump to planet in range of a jump. (Burst of fuel to another atmosphere) the game goes deep as you go up. There are more life forms out there and things that will eat you or run you down. Unlike Subnautica, this is multiple exploreable worlds even at this stage- which is way beyond the content available in that building survival game. I have also had to restart my game three times since becoming part of it based on mechanics updates--- most of which were player driven and requested. The game is very balanced as it is now, and there is still more to come. I hope you get to some other planets soon, and explore other life forms and gather rare materials!
  6. Grabbing, moving and placing objects & containers/ elements/ materials/ Modules The only real frustrating part with the building/ movement tool when you grab an object, is that the GRAB MAX distance is too extreme. Sometimes when I grab an object in combination with camera angle, the object will go out of view, and go seemingly miles away across the landscape or up into the air and into space, then tons of re-navigating of the grab feature and the camera to get the object back to your perimeter. So limiting the object distance to 10-20 nodes/pins away, and a pull close and move further option with the rolling mouse control/ applied to controller variants. This way the object in hand never goes out of sight and is easier to place and manipulate on the screen. very much like view distance limitations in the players camera perspectives. There is a limitation on how far out you can get the camera. This would make moving and placing items and materials much less frustrating.
  7. Intergalactic Communications and space ship? Roger that. Over.
  8. A simple question I could not find the answer too in threads, is there a means to take screenshots on XBOX ONE without getting flying text labels in the images. Like a hide labels feature? Or hide text? Or something I can do on my controller to get clean screenshots without text data in it? If I missed a thread, I apologize in advance. Example is the text in my last screenshot in game.
  9. I was thinking it would be a platform OBJECT, removing the MORPHING tool. So you choose to make a DOME, then the 8 node platform builder becomes a MOUNT. If you want, you can pick it off of the MOD Platform, and it returns to its regular state. And you move the Dome to another 8 node Module (which is the one that is asking to be MORPHED- i.e. Smelter-vehicle Bay-etc. So with the moving Modular devices, it would act one in the same, as described in that update request. (Which am happy to see they are on track with from what the conversations reveal). Then the inside of the DOME, is then a 4 nodes (Each a Module) around the walls for Morphing in BUNKS-Storage Closets etc. THen the middle a 6 node (Module) table with its own morphs- or use the individual nodes for storage racks. MORPHS could be Satellite controls- Area, and Planet Maps, a large Storage unit, a growing terrarium platform etc. Beds and lockers could be morphed along the walls, the entrance is a ramped airlock- and the clear tops will be mandatory with present camera controls, or offer top off once the unit is entered. Love the idea's. The new triangle shape building concept looks fun too! Who knows where the player winds blow! Thank you for all the sweet insider research data! I appreciate it! - Smile, Research and Keep Building and Exploring!
  10. Platform(s): Xbox OneLocation: U.S.A. Midwest (Central Standard US Time) One hour BEHIND Eastern time. Language(s): EnglishMicrophone: Yes - Xbox Live Chat OnlineLooking for: Team of helpfuls, or those wanting to learn, if they will listen and pay attention.Can play from: 5pm Weekdays until 8pm Central Time. CST ( 5-8 Central time/ 6-9 Eastern Time)-USACan host: YesComment: I would like to CREATE another Save, and begin a world with just a TEAM and would only play when 2 or more of us can be online to work on forward projects. I have done really well figuring the game out solo, but think it would be more fun to have other players in as an added element. Hit me up and we can plan a day.
  11. I am loving the depth of ASTRONEER, I can loose myself for hours on end, exploring and poking around, evolving bases and way points! A+++ I look forward to any future development! :D 


  12. I am attaching an image, with the concept laid out in a type of crude blueprint. I apologize for the multiple images, i over estimated the amount of space I could write on, and still get a viable scan. lol Ok so a basic explanation of the IDEA. I saw the suggestion on a Personal Home, this is a different take on that, and more of a communal living and light work area protected from storms and the like. As the present Modules exist, once you gain the platform creation option in the 8 node module, where you choose RESEARCH etc, Add Dome. - This Dome would have a door, and ability to spread more halls to other Dome expansions, so you could have Bedding to pass the night or day (depending when you sleep) - The Dome would have Building Nodes with in it that can be morphed into BUNKS, Grow Stations (where one could say grow organics or even rares, perhaps planting marbles? ) in the center, a table zone that can be material storage, or built into an area or space / planet map table, or even a control module for satellites. Just throwing this out there, I know there is a ton of suggestions and I like them all, minus the lowering or nerfing the difficulty, changing of the oxygen rules. (I feel these risks are the main challenge to the game and should remain unchanged). Creatures? Hmm it opens a whole different experience. - I read through and did searches on this and did not see any expansion modules such as this Dome idea.