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    rover falls through ground

    So I have noticed that randomly there are lots of spots in the ground where the surface has not loaded correctly and you can plumit into the earth. When this happens with your astronaut is seems to force the astronaut back onto the surface BUT with a rover you will be driving along and boom fall through the earth. I took i video of me and my rover having plumitted to the center of the planet and just kept falling up and down in the middle of the planet. Once I exited the vehicle my astronaut (but not my rover, it is still stuck in the center of the planet never to be heard from again) was slowly raised magically from the ground and into a deep cavern that i barely was able to dig out of before I died. Literally died as i got out. Still can't find where my body is lol anyway. Was playing on an Xbox one s with an Xbox one controller. Thisin some fashion or another has happened multple times. Hopefully I will figure out how to get the pictures of my Xbox and upload um onto here.
  2. Fearkillerjelly

    [Merged] v221 - All Platforms -Oxygen Tank Issues/Crashes

    Ok so twice now I have gone to build a tank in my book bag and everytime it finishes building the tank the game crashes. I play on an Xbox one s on a normal Xbox on controller. It doesn't matter what I have just done prior saying the first time I had done nothing but dig some dirt and tried to make one. but incase it helps i had previously built a small wind turbine and then built the tank.