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  1. I was playing multiplayer with my friend earlier on 1.0.4, but a few things were going wrong: The game was very slow after a while for me, couldn't get a decent framerate even at lowest graphic settings. My buggy fell through the ground spontaneously when we were exploring, causing me to lose it forever. At one point I died and respawned on the starting base, which dropped the framerate even further, to just over 10fps. Just want to know, the developers are working on improvements for these things, right?
  2. DeltΔV

    I did not get the Retro Suit

    this is a bug, you will have it at some point (EDIT: I think)
  3. Here's the tether problem: Also in a separate save game from this one, I harvested all the organics around my base. I thought I remembered them growing back in early access builds, but that might've just been my imagination. Any help?
  4. DeltΔV

    Where's my news?

    ok thx i thought there was an update out that i didn't have.
  5. DeltΔV

    Where's my news?

    On the steam page for astroneer the latest update is 'patch 221' so far... does anyone know why I can't see the next update news?