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  1. Really? I found that I got like 200 bytes just for crafting a generator and putting organic in it. Past that, you can always research any old object, like, say, organic. So no, this isn't really a starting issue so much as a Guide Dang It issue, like minecraft. No tutorial, no help menu, figure it out yourself.
  2. So I maned to get my rover stuck. 3 Rover train. tire wouldn't move. Got out. Fell into a pit. As in, I appeared below the hole, in the cavern. Worked my way back up (already explored area, followed tethers...) Tried to fill hole up. The rover got buried. Unburryed it. The hole got bigger, whole front rover was dangling in. Moved my chair to the opposite side. Couldn't get enough force. Turned out, new back rover fell fully into the hole and the connector was phazing through the edge of the hole. Tried to move around to the other side. Lost traction. Now I have two rovers i
  3. Currently, Research objects show up as "Unknown". Once you research them, They should have a different name, possibly the actual "Plant Research Item 3", or else "Researched Object" I find it somewhat difficult to remember which ones I have researched and which ones I haven't after a while, and if I haven't unlocked large rovers or large storage modules, It takes a lot of work to bring back what turns out to just be a bar of aluminum.
  4. Well, at least I know that this issue is known. I specifically just got to Moon (Barren?) and unlocked oxygen tank. Crafted it, game crashed. Reloaded, game was wiped. Have to start over from scratch now, XD. Tried to restore from autosave, but given I reloaded several times, I believe they got overwritten sufficiently. I wish the game saved more than two versions. At least I know this for the future, and might even try manual backups