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  1. stuart pratt

    Droid Companions

    well it could be that once you put a module on its permanently there and you can't change it but that could be a difficulty setting but i love the ide that you could use a drone to controle your rovers so they can follow you
  2. stuart pratt

    Building Smooth Roads with the Rover

    now this should be implemented and would be nice if you could link vehicles side by side for this to be industeraly efective but i'm not pressuring you guys to develop something like this but how i think the grater should do the flating relitve to the vehicle plus a ray to the center of the planet edit oh and if displaced soil is a problem make a medium canaster to hold the soil (be useful for digging too!)
  3. stuart pratt

    Vehicle Controls

    what about a mode that will follow you by your tether link {and fyi the end vehicle would be the one that can do this based one if it has both cable links are active}
  4. stuart pratt

    Most Frequent Suggestion + Confirmed Features

    what would be wonderfull is a mass storage for items and a giant tank for soil and as well that the canistors on a rover and\or base show up on the cursor as a second ring but also cost power to use as it is sending the soil along the tether system or a seperate tether system for it
  5. stuart pratt

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    in the 221 update i could not use my large shutle to lift off game played on xbox 1