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  1. Build 123: flatten tool no longer working. Almost impossible to make a flat surface (horizontal, vertical or ramp).
  2. If a game is available on Steam is beyond my why anyone would choose another platform...
  3. Same bug here. Compound doesn't work on the backpack. Also, some spots on the backpack can't hold resources anymore. The same is true for some spots on the storage (vehicle storage too).
  4. Same here. Motion Blur makes me sick and dizzy.
  5. I don't understand your problem. Looking at your video I can see you are drilling and collecting resin in your crane storage. The other nodes are just too far from you.
  6. I would like to see 2 new features: 1-) Everything you build you should be able to destruct, regardless of getting any materials back (zero, 1/2 or all) so you can re-shape your base if needed. Vehicles also. 2-) We should be able to build (even rudimentary) roads to make travel a little easier from point A to B.
  7. In my understanding, that's what batteries are for: to store generated energy when not in use.
  8. When you build multiple vehicle bays and more than one spaceship or shuttle, when returning to your base from space you can't tell on which bay you are landing. If you land on a bay that already have a ship, both get stuck on each other and you can't tab anymore to launch it again. There should be an option to disassemble the ship so you could re-use the components or recover your lost ship. I'm playing on Steam - PC - Intel 4790K - GTX 980