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  1. hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??? anybody?
  2. already reinstalled everything... same
  3. This has been happening since before the last patch. After loading save file or exiting a new world, the screen turns black. Everything works because i can still hear everything. Please help...
  4. Same for me. Also happens when i change anything on the menu. Cant even see anything, black screen but still can select the menu. Resets after closing the game. When you start a new game works fine. Omg worst bug ever....
  5. hello, I went out for a research hunt driving the large rover with a small rover behind. Filled up the small rover with 1 genarator + filter and research. Started filling up the large rover with research and headed back to base. A storm started coming in, pushed me so far back the other direction, i ended up getting shoved towards a cave entrance. Still trying to get out while the storm was ridiculously heavy. With the struggle of trying of getting out of the cave, i pressed tab and started to flip the rover, to then glitch inside the front mounted research. Storm was gone. Spawned back to base when i died again for some reason. Went back to get the rovers on foot. Large rover got zero graity. Managed to get everthing back to base and took a picture.... lol. Just another day playing Astroneer. Fun as ever. Great work BTW. Hope to see and play in the next update!!! bye