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  1. I recently started again to play the game since 1.0 release (its the automation update and the more i play the more i become frustrated by little things that can be changed easily. One of them is that i can't see a damn thing vhen driving with the extralarge shredder on the second rover or when just mining to the core of the planet (wich is a key feature of the game). A simple solution is just put a camera view attached to the seat and a button for toggle it (and a camera is already implemented in the game it would be really easy to rectify this) Or just add mod support to the
  2. I keep getting stuck while i walk, run or slide in smooth terrain wether it's natural or made by the rerrain tool. If i jump i get unstuck but its really frustrating. The save i play on is a fresly started save in the automation update
  3. I noticed the Tanks are not working, I mean they not filling up with Oxigen. I don't know it is a bug or it is planned to happen.