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    Please help

    So I build the spaceship with 2 storages like you're supposed to do, shove 7 small storages on the nodes and one habitat, and I can't enter the habitat. So I put a seat there instead and enter it, and I can't launch the spaceship. This wasn't mentioned in the patch notes. For the love of God, please revert it back to the way it was in 0.5. What do I do?
  2. theastonmartin

    Revamped extra large storage

    The extra large storage has 31 slots, but a large storage with 4 medium storages attached has 32 slots. I think a completely new and larger extra large storage is needed. It needs to be a different shape, more like a small tower.
  3. theastonmartin

    Tier 2 power source platforms

    Update: I forgot about the med platform b being a thing so I would suggest that it would be fixed onto the bottom of medium power generators like a tiny platform is for the small ones.
  4. theastonmartin

    Tier 2 power source platforms

    You know how the tier 1 power-generator items create little platforms with cables on them when they are freestanding? It would be useful if there were versions of that for tier-2 power-generators.
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    I love this idea. The only thing I would suggest is that you use hematite instead of titanium to make them since hematite has no uses at all.
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    What if there was a type of massive drill you could put on the front of a large rover that could dig tunnels that it could get through? The crane is hard to use and I think a drill module could make life easier for the average astroneer.
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    Please help

    Got it. Thanks for informing me.
  8. theastonmartin

    Please help

    Well yeah it is as you can see by the screenshot... What am I supposed to do?
  9. theastonmartin

    Object building system

    This is a bit of a strange concept, but what if there was a building system involving placing objects to be static, as well as a system or a tool that let you research natural objects (such as those big yellow pillars) and print them as a base material?
  10. theastonmartin

    Three Sizes Of Everything

    Great idea. It would be very helpful to make tiny storages with the backpack printer early-game.
  11. theastonmartin

    [Merged] v221 - All Platforms -Oxygen Tank Issues/Crashes

    For me, my game instantly crashes whenever I craft one.