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  1. donovan cross

    Jump while holding item

    You should be able to jump while holding an item. The jump button does nothing while holding something like an unknown. so why not have it be jump?
  2. donovan cross

    automatic mashine systems

    This same idea but with conveyor belts that you could lead from station to station is an idea i had
  3. donovan cross

    Satalite mapping system

    For mapping even though whatever is already planned is what's being worked on you could make satalites and launch them into orbit or obital areas and while in those areas you get gps signal on a GPS or something that you create
  4. donovan cross

    "Patch 221" - November 13th, 2017

    This happens to me quite a bit and if you detach the first tether coming off of whatever it's running and then replace it, it should go back to normal
  5. donovan cross

    Broken acid plants

    Not sure if it's known already but I'm playing and I just walked up to and stood by a group of the pink plants that spew acid (not gas)? and they did nothing to me
  6. donovan cross

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    I have this exact same thing on screen but way closer and the planet is split into fourths sepperated. Might try to go there
  7. donovan cross

    Oxygenate Terran

    Instead of oxygenizing the whole planet have some areas be breathable air. Or maybe some kind of dome you can make that you can fill with clean air
  8. It would be cool if the very middle dot on your teraform gun would be great because that's the dot that it goes off of level wise
  9. Mine and my brothers consoles updated Astroneer this morning but I can't find any info on it
  10. I was driving through a cave on arid and I found some iron ore (Hrmatite) and I know that it was in the list of things that are going to be added
  11. I found a ball that's the size of an unkown and can be picked up like one but when placed on the research table it's off center and does nothing
  12. On three different accations I have found what looks like a small tank that just says "item name item description" please fix asap
  13. It's great and challenging enough trying not to fall or to get poisoned, on top of it I always seem to wonder off forgetting about the oxygen but it would be great to see some kind of creatures or other humans to fight and possibly befriend
  14. donovan cross

    Circle left on ground

    When you holster your gun, a circle is left on the serface of what you where looking at
  15. Not sure if it's meant to be this way but if you pick up an object from the ground while in your backpack with your gun un holstered and then leave the backpack the camera acts funny, Also maybe just make it so this is normal so you can jump while holding something like an unknown object