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  1. Nice update. One option I'd LOVE to see in the "Graphics" section is "draw distance" So, we could get more information on the terrain sooner as you walk.
  2. OK, if I get this printed, where do I send them?
  3. That's been my basic concern for a long time. Make the game "dial-able" Allow players to choose the level of as much as possible before starting the game. How much resources, how much adversity, how much etc etc etc... Is this a "sandbox" game or not???? Come on System Era, love your players! ALL OF THEM!
  4. One small tweak I'd like to see is a closer 1 to 1 ratio on digging and placing terrain. It feels like a 2 dig to 1 place ratio right now. That's not good, and takes away from game play IMHO. I do like the small changes to driving rovers. Seems more intuitive.
  5. Interesting idea with "sediment" Not sure about all the changes in this experimental version though. OK, I've put a couple hours into this. The terrain thing makes the game a tad too tedious now. Tedious games are not fun. I don't hate the idea, but it needs tweaking quite a bit.
  6. Aw!! I liked it when rovers were blown away. Though, I think tethering them to a base should keep them from blowing away. Just the loose rovers should blow away. Same here Can't start any saved game. Can't start any game period. Guess I gotta wait for the hot fix for the hot fix.
  7. I'm about 1/2 way through populating every landing point on every planet with a base. This bug has definitely cranked up the difficulty. Hey, just all part of the fun and challenge of Alpha release software! I'm not stopping, I'm seeing it just more fun! Thought, I will be glad when they fix it...
  8. I agree with another here that the lights are way too dim. I hate dark games. I understand the need for dark in general, especially in this game. But would love to see both the tethers and the work light put out a lot more light. I've seen storms have a much easier ability to push a vehicle around. Yours probably just blew away. Vehicles also seem more solid while moving which is a nice thing...
  9. People have a lot of ideas on what "pre-alpha" or "alpha" or even "beta" means. It means whatever the developer wants it to mean. Nothing else, nothing more, nothing less. Period. End of story. Done. Finite. Over. Yeah, I too wish more, as this game is so intriguing, yet woefully unfinished. Personally, I'd put up with more bugs. That's pre-release software, no matter what stage. Oh well... Oh and, Wyvyrias: Even so, it may be majority, but that doesn't mean they're right (from a logical standpoint). Crowd mentality and logic are incompatible Yet, the "right" entity wins via well played politics. (i.e. the devs should release something shocking... he he...) ( I know I know... not for continued discussion...)
  10. Ok, the Insider Windows 10 version released this week will fix this. Astroneer Steam version works now.
  11. Hmmm, Steam just downloaded version 190. Quick fix release?
  12. A sprint lock for us lowly keyboard+mouse Astroneers would be very welcome too.
  13. I see a "Player customization system" Too bad there's not a "Game customization system"
  14. WEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!