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  1. DirtyJ

    Bugged Rovers

    These screenshots were taken in the most current [beta] release
  2. DirtyJ

    Bugged Rovers

    So I've been playing hours of multiplayer and here are a bunch of bugs that I discovered today (mainly rovers flying into space) (View Spoiler) Specs: Windows 10 Pro Intel i7 4770 GTX 1080 32GB RAM
  3. Any time @Sharkie and I put research on a truck it doesn't end up well.
  4. After playing on multiplayer for 3 hours on my friend's world, he got tired and took a nap. 4 hours later I saw on Steam that the "Join Game" option was highlighted, so out of curiosity I clicked it. Afterwards the game booted up normally and I picked a character and began going down. Once I landed I noticed that there was no base or any source of oxygen for me, and after walking around for a few seconds I sunk through the world and my game crashed. 2 hours later, my friend goes on discord and tells me that he left it in the main menu, which means that I joined the "main menu world" that you can see behind the main menu. That was a fun experience
  5. Yea I was in a rover just driving along and then it shot off into orbit and every time I reentered that world you could just see it there in space.
  6. DirtyJ

    So Many Tethers!! [beta]

    We attached them to the storage, and then we tried to remove the storage but there is no way to do that.
  7. Yea I've "slid" myself right off a mountain a few times because it wouldn't let me stop.
  8. DirtyJ

    So Many Tethers!! [beta]

    Any time @Sharkie and I attached any research to the truck it would sink into the floor or just shoot into outer space.
  9. DirtyJ

    [Resolved] SES Forums — HTTPS

    There are also some scripts not loading over the TLS
  10. DirtyJ

    So Many Tethers!! [beta]

    Yea the tethers and the truck-research physics are my biggest issues right now.
  11. DirtyJ

    So Many Tethers!! [beta]

    I agree, I always have to restart my game after a few hours or it just becomes exponentially slower. (and that problem is quadrupled in multiplayer)
  12. DirtyJ

    View skyrocketing

    I've never seen that, but I have experienced the random 360 camera flip that happens occasionally when I right click.
  13. DirtyJ

    So Many Tethers!! [beta]

    Also, no matter how far I walk away from the home base, there's always a tether line connecting me to it. (but sadly I don't receive any oxygen)
  14. So I saw this new [beta] update which "fixed" my #1 problem, the tethers. Let's just say these screenshots that I took aren't what I had in mind. Admittedly, the tethers connect better than they did before, but just a bit too well. PC Specs: (Running on Steam) Windows 10 Pro (Most current non-anniversary update) i7-4770 32GB RAM ASUS STRIX GTX 1080 Many terabytes of SSD's and HDD's