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  1. These screenshots were taken in the most current [beta] release
  2. So I've been playing hours of multiplayer and here are a bunch of bugs that I discovered today (mainly rovers flying into space) (View Spoiler) Specs: Windows 10 Pro Intel i7 4770 GTX 1080 32GB RAM
  3. Any time @Sharkie and I put research on a truck it doesn't end up well.
  4. After playing on multiplayer for 3 hours on my friend's world, he got tired and took a nap. 4 hours later I saw on Steam that the "Join Game" option was highlighted, so out of curiosity I clicked it. Afterwards the game booted up normally and I picked a character and began going down. Once I landed I noticed that there was no base or any source of oxygen for me, and after walking around for a few seconds I sunk through the world and my game crashed. 2 hours later, my friend goes on discord and tells me that he left it in the main menu, which means that I joined the "main menu world" that you can see behind the main menu. That was a fun experience
  5. Yea I was in a rover just driving along and then it shot off into orbit and every time I reentered that world you could just see it there in space.
  6. We attached them to the storage, and then we tried to remove the storage but there is no way to do that.
  7. Yea I've "slid" myself right off a mountain a few times because it wouldn't let me stop.
  8. Any time @Sharkie and I attached any research to the truck it would sink into the floor or just shoot into outer space.
  9. There are also some scripts not loading over the TLS
  10. Yea the tethers and the truck-research physics are my biggest issues right now.
  11. I agree, I always have to restart my game after a few hours or it just becomes exponentially slower. (and that problem is quadrupled in multiplayer)
  12. I've never seen that, but I have experienced the random 360 camera flip that happens occasionally when I right click.
  13. Also, no matter how far I walk away from the home base, there's always a tether line connecting me to it. (but sadly I don't receive any oxygen)
  14. So I saw this new [beta] update which "fixed" my #1 problem, the tethers. Let's just say these screenshots that I took aren't what I had in mind. Admittedly, the tethers connect better than they did before, but just a bit too well. PC Specs: (Running on Steam) Windows 10 Pro (Most current non-anniversary update) i7-4770 32GB RAM ASUS STRIX GTX 1080 Many terabytes of SSD's and HDD's