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  1. I swear I'm going to spend this whole thread explaining that, in fact PC's can also be connected to a TV, and can actually provide a better experience by using a dual screen setup to provide a player with a screen each from one PC.
  2. What about people with HTPC's, Steam Links, or TV's hooked up to their PC's alongside a monitor? Or do they just not have friends to play with in real life by default?
  3. Games with split screen multiplayer are currently few and far between, and I would love to see Astroneer with at least two player split screen in the distant future. From what I've played already, the game is great and I'm going to love sharing the experience with my friends, and to share that experience in person would be amazing. Obviously split screen poses challenges in terms of hardware, especially for the Xbox One, but split screen gaming is a cute niche that I'd love to see in Astroneer.