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  1. New Item on Barren!

    Nope, they are just pieces of the craft you can carry them and place them in the extension stuff.
  2. Research pods

    Some awesome guy posted this the other day and was asking help for the 2 items missing, I found No. 11 and it contributes 1260 if you want to update your image or if someone has the newest updated one can confirm this.
  3. In first place this is not a flaming bait exchange, I just want for a honest exchange of ideas, I am not in anyway putting this game down. My issue arises since the new patch came on, I love the concept but I think it is very flawed. When we had the older system we could build a spaceship and go and explore other planets and find other technological resources you couldn't find on Terran. Now by the time you have researched the space ship you have unlocked everything else, then why bother even building the space ship? Now if you told me that on those other planets you would find other research fields then I could understand going there and really striving to research everything available on Terran but that is not the case. What is the incentive in going to explore caves in Barren etc, when every single technological field can be unlocked on Terran? Why bother? To me the devs should have created the basic fields on Terran like building the space ship and the rovers and leave for other planets other fields of research, now talking about ship building etc, I think the amount of bytes for spaceship is way, way, way too high, maybe make that amount smaller, right now I am exploring caves, finding all kind of ships derelicts and there is no one, even one single research pod, why? Maybe the devs need to take in account the high number of bytes for the basic need we have of traveling to other planets, the game is called Astroneer, no Terraneer.
  4. Why are the starting positions so bad right now?

    I am telling you, I have the worst luck in this game ever, for first time in 100+ games that I land close to one of those crashed solar panels and now I cannot connect my grid to them, I swear to you, this game hates me. LOL
  5. Invisible toxic gas

    In the Moon (Barren) I have found some of those foul creatures in the walls of the caves.
  6. I have started and abandoned more than 30 games because the starting landing zone stinks, real stinks, no crashed ships nearby, the closest cave is like really far away, almost no resources or if you find some the best I can get is 3 of them, if you take in consideration that you are forced to craft the small generator and then you have to go and find organic and then find some resin, wow, I have spent literally 10 hours just running a marathon to a cave to find resource pods that give very little bytes and I am tired, right now the game is not enjoyable, it is a freaking grinding mess.
  7. New Item on Barren!

    There is another item that seems part of something new or it is broken
  8. Metal piece use?

    I have found these pieces several times, I tried placing it in the research station but it didn't register. Anyone knows if they will be used in the future or what can they be used for now?
  9. Game is hard-locked at 4 minutes in.

    Dude you have a very nasty attitude, don't worry I will never reply again to anything you post.
  10. Teleporter

    Maybe this could be something the devs may consider in future patches. Maybe have the ability to research and build teleporters, now you must have a teleporter build in every base you wan to teleport to and only between bases in the same planet, or maybe in the future if the devs are willing to develop a space base we could teleport from planet into the space station.
  11. Christmas tethers ?

    I love those things
  12. One thing that seems obvious is that everyone wants everything and want it now, people don't seem interested in putting the work in a game, if you get everything now, you will get bored and I agree with time-trial maybe the devs need to have a system that autofeeds into a generator the organic or coal as long as you have it on the base.
  13. I like the new system, but I would like to see some improvements to speed up a little bit the process.
  14. From the hare to the bloody snail

    Nice, I am on the search for it
  15. The future of astroneer?

    I really loved that ship, I wish they would bring it back. That looks awesome in comparison with the junky look thing we have now. This looks more real. And the solar panels are 100000000 time better than the one we have now.