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  1. Nevernind the software is ok it is just in game the message has not updated
  2. I am on Steam and it is not NOT updating to this new patch, how do I make this happen?
  3. I am on the Earth's moon and managed to unlock both gateway and I found that in the center of the moon is some kind of giant console, so I managed to get there but I cannot activate these consoles because there are 4 of them 3 in one side of the sphere and 1 on the other, how do I activate them? Or what are those round key holes that look like round diamonds, do I need to build something that hooks there?
  4. I understand what you are saying, I just think that the way is right now it is not fun exploring at least on some of the planets. But well maybe introducing new technologies or other stuff to build like a cave elevator maybe? Thank you guys
  5. The way of rendering terrain has made caves a death trap. I am someone who has spent more of his life exploring caves and caves in this game are absolutely ridiculous. There are not horizontal cave entrances, When you find a cave 100% of the time you walk few meters and you have this abyssal drop that will kill you and you don't have a way to tie a rope or use some kind of equipment to descend to the depths of the cave. If the game wants to keep growing up make sure we have the possibility of having easy cave access or the possibility of researching and building equipment that will let us rapp
  6. The possibility, not an obligation, a choice if you want to do it or not, it is your game path for you to decide. Just want to be an explorer fine, want to be and explorer who likes science fine, want to be a scientist who likes exploring fine. All the choices need to be interconnected.
  7. Someone posted this in Discord I generally set up a starter base, just in case. Here's how I pack: 1. Canister 2. Thruster 3. Beacon 4. Medium B Platform 5. Small Printer 6. Medium Storage 7. A small/tier 1 power source 8. Medium Printer 9, 10, 11, 12. Resin 13. Compound
  8. Click bait for just complaint about something that is still in Alpha development? Sheesshh
  9. I like the concept of open story, basically know who we are, where did we come from, why are we here, what are the main goals, the possibility of choosing a specialization path like engineer, scientists etc etc The discovery of alien forms, alien culture, wrecks of ancient civilizations, etc, an open story starting from the basic knowledge of who are we.
  10. Stardate 026 22:00 hours Computer recording: _Command Center this is Astroneer Titico7777. I am without words, after arriving at the location of the Alpha base I just cant believe what my eyes are seeing. The level of destruction and desolation is beyond comprehension. I am attaching couple of images to better illustrate what the damage and how extensive is at the base. Seems like the base was been developed to a level that could sustain life for a long period of time. I couldn't find any Astroneer remains but there are 2 caves in close distance of the base and I could detect tracks
  11. Stardate 026 12:00 hours Computer recording: _Command Center this is Astroneer Titico7777. After a successful launch from Terran the orbit approach to Barren was pretty simple, distance from each other made the maneuvers pretty easy, my on board computer worked as a charm and now I am standing on Barren. Sunlight is very good for the use of solar batteries and the wind gusts could make the use of wind energy a useful way of collecting energy to plan and establish a striving base. I am on my way to Base Barren Alpha, so far no signals or response to my messages. I have downloade
  12. Ty guys, I am working on it, I am taking some pics of the landing area as we speak and have plans fort next star date events. I used to have those floppy disks too somewhere. LOL
  13. Stardate 025 Computer recording: _Command Center this is Astroneer Titico7777. After 25 days of laborious work I have managed to build a small shuttle and I am going to take off to visit Barren. The landing on Terran was successful, base deployment went without a problem, all systems are operational. I have been so busy I didn't have time to record anything. I am finally taking a well deserved rest and I am making my first recording. I am hopeful that you have received all my previous data send via automated system. Resources are plentiful around the landing spot. I have discove
  14. Awesome new patch, excellent materials, game is more engaging, now we need story.
  15. I would like to see new habitats, the dropship could be the basic expansion, but once is deployed could be nice to upgrade it to a better habitat with more functionality