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  1. Any idea what is this used for?

    So something coming in december
  2. Coal the missing link?

    I found one time in Barren surface and since then never again in the deepest cave or again in Barren surface.
  3. Like the title said, as the game grows we must find other uses for the material that we collect (sediment, ores, etc) My basic idea is that of new buildings that can be constructed from reinforced panels, planets as arid are a pain in the lower back, those flying spores kill you in a heart beat. What I would like to see would be as follow 1- Reinforced panels made of concrete + Iron bars (iron bars can be manufactured from coal refinement into iron), (concrete can be manufactured from grey type of sediment, you didn't expect all easy ah?) 2- Manufactory plant where you can refine iron into iron bars and also sediment into cement + sand to make concrete and finally on the same plant you can manufacture the reinforced panels using the above mentioned materials. This could open a whole new set of buildings for a more permanent form of base, the same panels could be made flat panels, panels with windows and doors, curved panels for inside caves if you decide to go the route of underground bunkers, like I said again Arid planets and flying giants spiky spores are a pain in the lower back.
  4. Strange control console

    I found 2 on alst Wednesday on the Barren planet, where did you find yours?
  5. Work light increased functionality

    I would like to see something like exploration lights to be used in caves, packages of or 4 would be nice, something to hang from the ceiling, maybe having their own batteries or the option to connect to tethers.
  6. Named Beacons?

    You cannot name them but you can change the color of the symbol, so you can do as I do and I place red color for the ones I am actively using like caves, I use green for those discovered but not yet explored.
  7. I found compound in Exotic in caves, but I gave up exotic, no interested in doing any visit there or planting any colony there, too many weird holes in the surface
  8. Any idea what is this used for?

    I found both in the surface, both located near those pick/spires/spike things with usually research stuff on them. Both times the item was lying on the ground near the ship remain
  9. Any idea what is this used for?

    Both I found them in Barren planet
  10. I have started 6 new games on terran and I have to abandon each one because there are not resources around the landing spot, no resin, no compound, but plenty of caves so far away from the land site that you don't survive. Anyone else notice this lack of starting resources since last patch?
  11. Idea for making mining easier

    We need some basic working lights to be used inside caves like lamps etc to help with mining. The light on the tether are not strong enough.
  12. Just saying Hi

    Hi and yes it is awesome
  13. Any idea what is this used for?

    I will do that, check out my fishing hole
  14. Arid planets no Resin on them?

    Yep doing that right now, although I have found in caves the resin like others pointed out.
  15. Geothermal power station

    I was thinking about how we could have in the game a constant source of energy no affected by wind or Sunlight. I have seen in caves and in the surface as well as in Barren Planet for example these type of fumarolas or gas vortex where we can see gas been expelled into the air. Could this possible source of energy be able to be used via a Geothermal power station?