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  1. Sharkie

    Like / Upvote CSS

    Nah, you're good, I was goofing on the OP of the other post. That's a good point though, I generally prefer to make short and sweet, but decent posts. I'm sure many others would just post a sentence for rep. Then again, I'm sure the forums are the least of SES's concern right now, what with the load of Astroneer bugs and plans for future updates.
  2. Sharkie

    Like / Upvote CSS

    At least I put it in the right forum lol Honestly, there should be a totally separate system to create bug posts, with an easy way to upvote if you have the problem, same with idea / feature requests (Up and down vote). The "like" button that is currently a white box is simply what it's called, a like. It only really serves to make me feel good for having some rep lol
  3. Sharkie

    Like / Upvote CSS

    The like / upvote CSS is wonked up, so it's only a very hard to see white box. If users cannot see the box, the forums may not be used to their full potential.
  4. Playing on Steam with mouse/keyboard. When extending your base, the new platform seems to go wherever it likes. I'm sure it's following the terrain, but even if I smooth out the ground first, sometimes it will dig into, or raise the ground up, and replace it with the gray patch. I'm not sure if it's a bug, or how the game is meant to be, but I'd really like the base to be totally flat and level. To reproduce: Extend base from habitat with 1 resin Extend again from 1st extension, repeat until it happens.
  5. Interesting. I'll try sitting in rovers more during storms to confirm for myself, since I've been whacked pretty hard in the face quite often.
  6. There definitely needs to be a way to delete base platforms/module things, and vehicles. Perhaps a way to break them down back into resin / their core resources? As for other resources, and incinerator and / or a way to convert them to credits (Trade platform?) or some magic liquid, that could be later exchanged for better resources (or the same).
  7. I've sat in rovers, trucks and landers/habitats in a good number of storms, I don't think it's possible to die in one. But it still doesn't look right.
  8. Sharkie

    Ideas to reduce base ground clutter

    +1 on this. The large rocks and trees can get VERY annoying!
  9. Playing on Steam with keyboard/mouse. If you place a research block/pod/thingy on a truck, the suspension just slams, and you can't drive it at all. Exact steps to reproduce (My truck config when it happened): Build a truck with 3-seat Build a second truck with crane and storage Link second truck to first truck Plop on a research majig
  10. Sharkie

    Camera Spin

    Playing game on Steam with a mouse/keybaord. I'll be going about my business, moving resources and whatnot, every once in a while I will right click to move my camera, and the camera will do a full 360 spin.Since there are no guns in the game, this is not useful for 360 noscopes, and I'm fairly sure it's a bug, not me just being bad at controls. To reproduce: Play for a while, look around a lot, and maybe it'll happen.