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  1. Found a minor bug but potentially game breaking if not addressed. I don't know if its just me but after I've played a while, (sometimes), when I open the backpack to craft small items and I hover the cursor down to the craft section it overlays a circle around it which spins, kinda like the connectors on the nodes in base. It spins around the bottom part of my backpack and doesn't let me craft. Have to restart to get rid of it. Hope this helps.
  2. SaifBaloch

    Food Update

    In that case, there should be a survival mode for this stuff. Challenge is good guys.
  3. SaifBaloch

    Food Update

    I just think it would be easy to implement. Plus, the game is SUPER easy, It needs more challenge and more purpose. Otherwise you can burn through the content in a day.
  4. SaifBaloch

    Food Update

    How about a food update, Growing our own food. A new Green Meter right above oxygen (or elsewhere) showing hunger. Grow them in dome like pods that take up as much space as a Small Storage or maybe a bigger dome that takes up as much space as the Big Storage. And maybe a new food processing machine and a machine to create water out of certain materials for the plants. the domes can have small slots to put on water canisters. And readied food can be carried around in a container of some sort taking up one backpack slot or a bigger storage for trucks (maybe as big as the huge battery) .