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  1. I have died more times than any other way by being teleported though the ground above my head as I dig ramps to the planet cores. Similar to the one that throws you into the air. When underground, you wind up teleporting until you get to an opening which winds up being very difficult to find later when needing to recover items like Drill Mods and the like. Is there something I can do when I feel the bug about to happen to avoid it? I dig the ceiling of the ramp tunnel I've been digging, but that doesn't seem to help much. Unless maybe I have to dig very high up.
  2. I would like to turn off the view rotation when the cursor is on the edge of the screen. When creating ramps to the core of planets, I find that when I am placing tethers along the ramp, the view rotates up because my mouse cursor happens to be near the top of my screen. I don't want to rotate the view, I want to place the tether. If I want to rotate the view, I'll do it myself with the right mouse button. I would also like the ability to turn the Clouds completely off so that I can see the planet surfaces better. Trying to see Home beacons and placed beacons is very difficult when the cl
  3. Also, other angles like 30, 60, 45 for diving into planets looking for their cores. Trying to get a decent ramp going down with the existing tools is fairly difficult.
  4. I was driving a truck and the truck fell into a small groove I dug to allow access to a trench. The truck has the 8 slot truck storage module installed. I was kicked out of the truck as usual when it gets flipped. I was using the fill landscape tool to try to get a smoother ramp back out of the trench when I filled terrain under my avatar. I was half buried and I though I could get myself unburried by continuing to fill in terrain. It went over my head and the next thing I knew I was falling a long distance and took terminal fall damage. I couldn't get back to my body to loot my dead body.