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  1. I'm playing on the steam version and came across an issue today while messing around with my truck. I wanted to use my truck as my primary gathering vehicle so I already had the vehicle storage along with one extra storage on it. I then decided to add one of the large batteries beside my one-man seat. As I was driving the truck would glitch into the ground and when I disembarked to see if that would solve the problem.. Well.. my truck went airborne and started flipping and whatnot. I was able to grab the battery as it was flipping by and as soon as the battery disconnected the truck came to a stop and would drive normal again. Sorry that I don't have any video to show you guys. It was a complete surprise and I wasn't expecting anything to happen nor was I recording for any reason.
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    Double Habitats

    Yeah I believe my friend was attempting to join.. I know he crashed and this appeared around the same time.
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    Double Habitats

    So I was playing earlier and everything was just fine. When I left and loaded my save there was a second Habitat beside my original. As you can tell by the image the original habitat is connected while the other random habitat is just floating there.