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  1. I agree, we should have this it would make life so much easier, all we need now is popcorn so I can sit back, kick my feet up, watch a satellite crash, and stuff buttery popcorn all over my reflective space suit mask, and then loose the ability to see, I want this it would make mining a fun thing instead of constant walking, wow I love this idea please addddddddddddddddddddddd. 20/1 for me good job. -VegaTanksWOTB
  2. just walk in circles until you die, then you re spawn and as you descend look for the blue beacon with an X, if you feel you can recover your body go ahead otherwise abandon it until you have a shuttle and can get closer with a rover. -VegaTanksWOTB
  3. what happened is that you game did not stop, the code stopped running the game but the game was not "officially" saved, instead of saving the game the game decided to put it on sleep, when you got back on and saved it via main menu it could not store that much data so it deleted most of it and "saved" whatever, I had this happen a few times. -VegaTanksWOTB
  4. I have a 6 link rover, and another 6 link rover, they drive separately, the first rover digs and collects soil for the mineral extractors and requires power to move as it does not have enough room to pull a power car efficiently, the second rover I have successfully drive half planet (Terran), it contained a large storage on each medium rover, and a medium lithium battery x4 per rover, there are 4 of those 1 drive with 1 lithium, and a power car containing 4 medium storage s with 16 solar panels and 8 o2 tanks, and 8 beacons. It works really well and I only stopped half planet because I got ti
  5. your settings might not be adjusted to your mouse, the game in a sense might not even read your mouse as a usable mouse, it probably runs a different code in game than on start screen.
  6. I am sorry I can read German but not so much type it, your rover is flying due to glitches in the game, if your rover's barrier encounters another or looses its own it will proceed to "bounce away" in your case fly away. -VegaTanksWOTB
  7. I found that one too, two of them on the exotic planet I think, it was located in the norther hemisphere and I found it after a quick journey to a tree -VegaTanksWOTB
  8. How do I flip my rovers? 1. go near your rover a white circle should appear to overlay it 2. press and hold the tab button, once the vehicle is half way back over release and repeat again and the rover should flip. How do I find my base? 1. use beacons so you don't loose track of your base 2. if you don't just hope your driving back int the right directions, or die and recover the body when you can
  9. I found about 23 of them across the tundra planet, they seem to attract your mouse and when I am in close contact or near them I have trouble clicking on other things, they are attacking, whats that star trek episode where those cute things multiply over and over, just like these don't touch them admire and remove via a very deep hole from a distance please. -VegaTanksWOTB
  10. you can either research the dynamite, which requires aluminium to make, or you can find some dynamite in small satellites, buried in the caves or above ground (rare) good luck. also if you want to destroy the moon so badly, get a lot of hydrazine and just make a massive pile of it, then use one dynamite to blow it, be ware it has a 100% chance to kill you. -VegaTanksWOTB
  11. It should not crash however, when you dig or interact (Build, Place, Make, Remove, Run, Delete) with elements in the game, the game will make changes to such classes in the code to make the game run, as such the more changes you make the more you have to recover when you land, the planet has nothing on it in space, but when the large shuttle lands all information is recovered, or attempted to be recovered in a few seconds, this can cause the game to have some trouble and in turn crash, so you either have a lot of changes you made to your environment or the game can't handle something. -Ve
  12. I have seen this, it stopped persisting for a while and I have not seen the problem come up again, sometimes code will loop on accident as it thinks there's an error, when in reality there is none, this could cause your mouse to seem to continue to click when it's not, it should only last a few seconds, I do not know the correction to the problem but I think it is just an error in code or your mouse is having some issue transmitting its actions to your computer. -VegaTanksWOTB
  13. I recognize this problem, I am a programmer and I programmed a long time ago in Java, when I printed out a continuous image the code would not run smoothly unless I moved the screen which would cause it to update the Applet. I do not know what my solution was, If I had one, but I'm pretty sure it would be in a display file, and or a screen update file. -VegaTanksWOTB
  14. What is the pod in the top right quadrant, I do not recognize it, is it from an older update?