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  1. Hi everyone, it could be very useful to be able to name the nod in the teleporter view. In the main teleporter we should see the planet name too because it is hard to select the correct one. Blackfox
  2. Exactly same problem until i delete old games and try a new with the last patch 221. Really annoying and don't want to play if it's a pain like that.
  3. Je dirai et c'est ce que j'ai essayé c'est de passer le répertoire Confi en lecture seule aussi, mais çà ne change rien. And i think game dev don't see my AZERTY post.
  4. I exactly do what you explain but the problem is the same. This is my way : - i launch the game and my saved game - i adjuste my volume settings - i modify my control options - i'm saving my game but don't turn off it - i change my "GameUserSettings" to read-only - i turn of the game - i relaunch it and launch my saved game to see my volume is set to 0 and my control is not saved.
  5. Hi everyone, i'm a french player so please excuse my poor english. My sound config and the controls, are not saved when i quit the game. I play with an AZERTY keyboard and i see the config file, in the "C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor" directory ; have the correct settings (almost for the sound volume) but when i launch the saved game i must reup the volume and remake my control configuration. I try to erase my saved game to start new but the same problem occur. Thanks for your work.