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    Giant organic terrain tool

    Bug with the terain tool. Video of the bug posted on youtube https://youtu.be/vqRZO1JbSmo
  2. Kurt Cobain

    Quests and Rewards in Game

    Hi ! i love this game. What System Era think about the quest and reward in game ? something like items in the inventory of steam or more cards you gain when complete a quest.
  3. Kurt Cobain

    Quests and Rewards in Game

    this can be a great idea !
  4. Kurt Cobain

    Quests and Rewards in Game

    About Anchievements: Yes, in game is about this what i am talking about. Something like anchievements. Thank You ! About Steam Cards: Steam have the game steam-cards, you can sell, buy or gain this when you play a game. This works only in steam, so it does not seem to be a good thing to implement in the game right now. So sorry.
  5. I would like to know if in any update you have released the option to enable the gamepad controls in the settings. All players would like this a lot. Thanks !!