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  1. 36 minutes ago, Astrofun said:

    How about a more... in game... quest.so you go to the hab, and get a message. Some rich dude wants his satellite back, so the game places a beacon and you go down under it and find the sattilite, bring it up, and get a special item. (Steel,scrap,POSSIBLE UNCOFIRMED ITEM ONLY OBTAINABLE BY THIS QUEST?) I think I would love having a special item from this kinda thing. 

    this can be a great idea !


    52 minutes ago, Blind Io said:

    Could you expand a little more? I'm not familiar with Steam. What kind of items and cards? Would this system work on the other platforms? 

    A 'directed goal' questing system, as well as achievements, are planned - is that the sort of thing you're looking for? 

    About Anchievements:

    • Yes, in game is about this what i am talking about. Something like anchievements. Thank You !

    About Steam Cards:

    • Steam have the game steam-cards, you can sell, buy or gain this when you play a game.
    • This works only in steam, so it does not seem to be a good thing to implement in the game right now. So sorry.