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  1. Summary: The research icons missing Description All of the research icons and pictures in the backpack are missing or hidden. I have reinstalled the game, deleted the old world and tried a new one, and updated my graphics Version: v0.6.8.0 Platform: Steam Computer OS: Windows 7 Home Premium | 64bit | v 6.1.7601 CPU: Intel Pentium CPU 63220 3.00GHz GPU: Intel HD Graphics RAM: Samsung 1x4GB DDR3 | 665MHz Drive: 931GB ATA TOSHIBA DT01ACA1 SCSI (SATA)
  2. Ok thank you, Sorry I just got Asroneer. I did want to know if destroying the module with dynamite would create a node that would not do anything.
  3. Windows 7 PC Steam Astroneer I cant expand the base further after expanding 4 times on the base the dynamic node will not show up so I cant expand off the habitat. After destroying one of the modules with dynamite, the node was stationary and I could not interact with it.