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  1. Summary: 1.0.7 - Steam - Infinite Scrap Description: I was on multiplayer with a friend and we put a small battery in a medium shredder that was on a trailer. Half way through the shredding process, my friend (the host) removed the battery from the shredder, This caused the battery to be able to be placed in backpacks, on cars, ect. and it worked as a normal battery. However the shredder carried on shredding/ generating scrap and will continued to do so until the of the shredding process, at this point the battery returned to being completely normal, rather than randomly changing size like it did during the shredding process. (We tested and it does work in the large shredder as well) Platform: Steam Version / Build Number:
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    Infinite Tethers

    So I am on the steam edition and you can make infinite tethers. If you place all the tethers in one spot and then spam shift-click on them then the game can't keep up and duplicates them.