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  1. £ɨɳʂʈɛɨɳ™ Cordle

    Don't die inside your habitat!

    Update: I tried and am not able to get this method to work. As you can see in the first screenshot, I managed to wedge the platform almost completely into the habitat and the second shows my corpse.... sigh Funny thing is, when I get in the habitat, upon exiting it puts me on top of it and then the door opens... lol
  2. £ɨɳʂʈɛɨɳ™ Cordle

    Don't die inside your habitat!

    Weird. Ok, I'll try that. Thanks
  3. £ɨɳʂʈɛɨɳ™ Cordle

    Don't die inside your habitat!

    Windows/Xbox Live Game Ver. I was entering the habitat as a storm was closing in. Just as the door closed a box came in and killed me. Now I cannot access my corpse to retrieve my goods. Sad thing is, I just traveled on the puddle jumper to Barren to get mats, which are now on my dead corpse. *sigh* @System Era, this is something that really needs to be fixed. Terrible place to die and lose your items.
  4. £ɨɳʂʈɛɨɳ™ Cordle

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I think the current controls of the rovers are the best they have been period. However, I do concur that the batteries drain way to fast for med. and lg. rovers and the large is near impossible to turn.
  5. £ɨɳʂʈɛɨɳ™ Cordle

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Sigh... Windows/Xbox live on windows 10 pro. I am going to link a short still clip I done to show my failure due to the haunting glitch of the shuttle, pod and or seat. I am exhausted at "trying" to play any more. I have noticed that steam has received several small updates since last received one. Has this issue been addressed and or fixed? I sure hope so! I just want to add that this is a new save after the drop. Enjoy the still clips and maybe get a laugh.
  6. £ɨɳʂʈɛɨɳ™ Cordle

    Disappearing Items

    Windows 10/Xbox playing on PC Window 10 pro. game ver. 6.5.0 While playing today, I had several instances where things would just disappear. The last one before I left the game was a small gen I had picked up off the ground and attempted to place on the med. storage that is on the small rover. I heard it click and for a split second, it was there and then gone. BTW I still have to remove my seat before I can board my vehicle. *sigh*
  7. £ɨɳʂʈɛɨɳ™ Cordle

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    So I wanted to make a trip to get some Lithium and then back. So, being limited to research pts at the time, I decided to use the small shuttle. First off I had to print the enclosed one seater on the back of the small rover (not the one pictured here), as it wouldn't allow me to print it on the large storage on the small shuttle. I get everything on the shuttle and get in the one seater to make sure I could use it. I got back out to check my backpack and this is what happens upon exiting. lol
  8. £ɨɳʂʈɛɨɳ™ Cordle

    Research - Hotfix

    Hi, Simple question. I know that some of the content providers for Let's Play vids got the Research Update a day early. I know they were complaining about the Q feature opening the Backpack and the research panel and not closing the back pack as many has gotten custom to. I have seen a few of them display how a fix for that was released and the Q now closes out the RP/BP when hit a third time. Is this something that has been given to a select few and not the general public/user? I ask as mine still doesn't close it just flips back and forth. Thanks!
  9. £ɨɳʂʈɛɨɳ™ Cordle

    "Patch 221" - November 13th, 2017

    I understand the saved game thing. However, there are some issues with new games in regards to the item description and terrain. I need my o2 tanks :).
  10. £ɨɳʂʈɛɨɳ™ Cordle

    Post Nov. 13 update issues

    Ditto on this (Windows 10/Xbox), I found and or experience these bugs as well, expect I think the research items in some spawn area's is norm.? PS, the tanks are a big part of my long term playing. I use them a lot (like 3 or 4 at once) for exploring deep into the caves.
  11. £ɨɳʂʈɛɨɳ™ Cordle

    How do I...?

    I believe I may have found an answer to this question, although it was a bit vague. I am wondering if cross-platform (Windows 10/Xbox to Steam) doable? IF it is then how to make it work? Thanks
  12. £ɨɳʂʈɛɨɳ™ Cordle

    The Storage Module

    Ok, I didn't read this whole post, but I agree there needs to be some storage "solution". I find my self doing module pulls just to have some where to throw a storage. I wouldn't mind seeing a storage chest, heck I can't wait till we can build some actual buildings?
  13. £ɨɳʂʈɛɨɳ™ Cordle

    Planetarium Module (see image)

    I like it! I also like the idea posted about the ability to have it alert you when a particular planet is coming into orbit. Also, that same system could give you a clock count down of when it will be in/out of orbit.
  14. £ɨɳʂʈɛɨɳ™ Cordle

    Managing saved games

    I think that is something that needs to be added to the game soon, ability to restore a saved game. Assuming it's a option with the file structure and not something that would require a overhaul...
  15. £ɨɳʂʈɛɨɳ™ Cordle

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    OK, I understand that the ver of the game I am playing on auto uploads all crash (suppose to) reports. So, I am just here to vent my frustration and maybe someone will have some advice for me? I am on Terran, fairly new play (start), I just recently built a small rover as the closest cave system to me is still a ways off. I put small solar power on the back module port, I have a medium storage behind the one man open seat. I thought all was fine, I was in my cave and as I started out after collecting some Malachite the game starts crashing. I quickly discovered it was something to do with the rover, as I can go in and never touch it and it does fine, I get in the rover ride a short distance and BAM! Crash! Ugh, well any who... Rant over, if you have any suggestion of ideas let me know. Slim!