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  1. Thanks for the video. That was a good demonstration.
  2. Thanks for the post Cordle
  3. I think the idea with the natural events is a good idea such as ice storms, electrical storms, maybe a tornado. I've noticed that even on the tundra planet I get hit and killed by boulders not ice (they're stronger gusts than at Terran which shows different storm types on the way? hopefully) and the Arid planet has spiky balls which made me chuckle. Maybe even have some of the storms uncover resources at times. High wind storms could knock out wind turbines and need cause for repair or replacement. I do think there needs to be something associated with wind turbines and the wind stor
  4. I like the different planets containing certain research unlocks you brought up. I had something similar in mind. Today I excavated my own moon (barren) and came across nothing but research. I'm pretty far into my research tree so I don't have a lot left to unlock, but out of 7 research items I had 5 filters and 2 power cells. For a moon that only has (that I've seen) research articles and laterite around, it sure didn't provide me with a trip I felt was worth while. Moon rocks on a barren moon such as mine might be a cool idea. They might only capable of unlocking the specific research a
  5. I got it. What was happening is I was clicking on the tether distributor directly which doesn't work and for me it wasn't showing up at certain angles at all, hence the last post. I'd show you a screen shot, but it didn't keep the cursor. Thanks for your help.
  6. Post Script to the topic, the blue power tether won't make itself concrete. It remains a translucent blue, however it used to charge my vehicle..
  7. I've tried moving it closer, I've tried clicking on it, rotating the rover.. nothing. There is simply no where to click, directly on the tether didn't work, nor did trying to extract a part of the rover or work bench as you would a node.
  8. It was a suggestion of somehow maybe being able to know how many cells are left to charge. I understand how it works, but if you head deep into a cave or go exploring (without tethers and in a vehicle for example), you don't want to use more than half of your total battery life (say I'm using a med. rover with a med battery on back and don't want to wait until morning to charge both the battery and vehicle), so without having to count how many cells deplete my suggestion was to have a way to do so. If you're telling me there's no way they're interested in that, I understand.
  9. I see that. I wasn't happy with how it was functioning last night. Maybe it was just my keywords. Thanks for the response.
  10. Hi, Win10, PC, Steam. I've watched a few videos recently and realized something similar about the videos showing vehicles.. Their vehicles get a proper cord attached to them. My power cable is basically just the outline with no filler. It's transparent and blue in color. It's not charging my vehicle either.
  11. Hi, Win10, PC, Steam My vehicle has decided it doesn't want to be charged in the conventional way anymore. No plug in play for this medium rover. He's power hungry. Nothing but direct power for him. He'll take any size solar panel and any size wind turbine. He does not like to be poked and or prodded, so won't charge at the vehicle bay or anywhere else the light blue power cord shows up.
  12. Hi, PC, Win10, Steam Because the battery keeps itself centered in the screen (the camera rotates around the center of the battery), it's impossible to determine how many cells remain charged and how many cells need charging. I tried running around, dragging the camera directly over it, I have no idea how many cells are charged in my medium battery right now. Technically I can make out 9 cells in 16, and I know I have 3 and a half remaining of those 9, but I have no idea what the other 7 cells are like without counting down as the battery drains. Hope you guys find this helpful and take it
  13. Hi, just a suggestion after reading about keeping the forum clutter free. I feel it would be a lot easier if we could type in keywords and run a search to find previously posted topics so that we do not duplicate when posting. There are currently 180 pages of suggestion posts and I have no idea whether or not this has been posted, and frankly just don't have the time or patience to filter through that much reading. Hope you guys work something out
  14. Hello again, PC, Win10, Steam My medium wind turbine is not powering my medium battery pack although they are directly in line with each other on the nodes. My printer solar panel has no trouble powering the pack, it's just the turbine. I haven't had any other problems with the turbine, including powering any stations unless at a great distance and on a node connected behind a couple other stations..