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  1. Pailzor

    Tutorial Feedback

    1. You're in a space suit, which should be able to withstand the G-forces of launch (especially in a fictional semi-futuristic universe), and keeps you safe from the vacuum of space. But yes, it bugged me a bit that it wasn't an enclosed pod. I think it's because tutorial unlocks transfer over the main game, and having an enclosed pod, but not a rover 1-seat available didn't work too well. 2 & 3. Probably coming to the game soon. The tutorial is a preset enclosed world, so it's a bit easier to introduce new things in there than in a much larger, procedurally-generated world. 4. Crafting it doesn't make too much sense to me. Besides, they added those into the main game for small research, at least. My starting world on the new patch had only one tree within reach of the base, so I haven't seen anything more than research harvestables.
  2. Essentially, we pre-ordered it, and we get to playtest it while they finish it. That's generally what early access games are.
  3. Pailzor

    Astroneer Stranded

    I love your timing.
  4. I like it. Very well thought out.
  5. I just played around a little bit with the new update, and thought I'd make a collective post about my thoughts, rather than separate throughout the forums. Bugs 1. When modifying terrain around non-modifiable terrain (black starting ground under base, and cave red zone in tutorial), gaps between the two types of terrain are left. They're small gaps, but could lead to various problems. 2. New "UI cards", as they were called, for all objects are good, but get in the way of seeing other items, and more importantly, from interacting with modules by default. Without using cursor mode, I have to be much more specific which way my character is pointing when trying to open Research Chamber, for example, rather than looking at a resource sitting right next to it. Not sure if this explanation makes complete sense. Feedback I love the new tutorial. It works excellently for me, and made the game feel new to me. It also established a bit of narrative without any use of text to do so. This is a great step in the right direction for this game. The new UI is very good. I liked the somewhat cartoony-looking UI from before, but this new one keeps some of the feel of that, while making it look more scientific at the same time. It's very clean. "Harvestables", I think they were called? Thank you so much! It's a huge help when starting out. Suggestions 1. Button icons in the new UI are difficult to read. Despite having played recently before this update, I found myself mixing up X and Y interactions often. I suggest a slightly larger font, and add the button color to the text, as before. (Blue X, Yellow Y.) 2. Beacon-less rovers are an odd change. I see no reason why a piece of technology such as a vehicle can't have a locator built-in. Particularly with the buggy, it irks me that we'll now need to use up an item slot to place a Beacon in. If this is a change you intend to keep, perhaps add a single item slot to seat items that a beacon can be held in, or something similar? Thank you, to all of you at System Era. Im looking forward to seeing the road unfold to the December release. ^.^
  6. Pailzor

    Research in tutorial won’t work

    As CuriousCabbit said. Also, though you can open up the console for it, the button doesn't work because the button is missing; it's just a bit of wire or something sticking out from it. Perhaps the visual isn't too clear, however.
  7. Pailzor


    Please be more descriptive in your title. "BIG PROBLEM" is not enough information, and is very "clickbait-y". Also, there are constantly "(thing) fell through the floor" posts in the Bug Reports forum. Next time, please contribute to existing threads if they match your error reports or suggestions.
  8. Pailzor

    Vehicle Bay Boxed Rovers

    I've seen this suggested specifically for the buggy before, which would be ideal. I agree with Shadow Echo about the others, though. Particularly as now, we can print a platform and vehicle bay as packages, and take them with us to a new planet, which is pretty similar in function to what you're suggesting, but fits better with the progression and "realism" of the game.
  9. Pailzor

    Improved Compass Functionality

    There's a compass? I've been using the "equator line" of stars to keep track of my general position. EDIT: Oh right! By clicking on your character! I forgot all about that since a year ago..
  10. After starting a new game, I'd like to amend #2 a little bit from my original post: Can auto-targeting of connected tethers be turned off, please? Auto-targeting of unconnected, misplaced tethers is very convenient, and makes a lot of sense. Connected tethers, however, really don't ever need to be picked up, as they're so cheap to make, and I frequently do so accidentally, as described in the original post. (It appears I can't edit my post this long after making it, soI had to make another.)
  11. Pailzor

    The addition of aircraft into the game

    I didn't notice your username before typing that! Hahahaha!!
  12. Pailzor

    Is it just me?

    I'd think it seems forced because you know what it used to be, and possibly depended on it. Personally, I never even noticed the difference. They've also added in the Work Light, and even removed its power cost, which helps fix that, but with more diversity, at the cost of one auxiliary slot.
  13. Pailzor

    Quick move buttons

    Make a thread in Suggestions instead? ( ) Or, more specifically, as an alternative solution for a terrain tool augments thread I made earlier today? ( )
  14. Pailzor

    in praise of Large Platform D

    Haven't made one of these yet, but your pictures make me want to make a supermarket out of them. o.o
  15. Pailzor

    Habitat Development

    I believe they said in a video that in-hab development is something they're planning on doing, but it isn't a priority at the moment.