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  1. The paver? It's not too bad, bugs aside. I just wish terrain tool mods would work with it and the rover drill, so we could paint as we go, or lock its height with the alignment mod, or just use it as a lawn mower with the inhibitor mod.
  2. My understanding of the Alignment Mod's "flatten" mode was always that it would lock the Terrain Tool into flattening perpendicular to the planet's radius of gravity. This clearly isn't the case (see pictures; one on Novus, and the other on Sylva), as it doesn't lock in the radius' length at the place I started, leading to unintended bridges into the sky (which I thought the alignment mod was supposed to prevent). I thought the Alignment Mod was made to "flatten" according to the curvature of the planet. Is this not the case? Is it bugged instead? Was this never intended to allow us to create a completely spherical planet, like I want to do?