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    "Adding" terrain

    Hi, before these terrain tool mod things I could "add terrain" by pressing alt. Now when I try to do it the same old way it shows me "X" / can't do it. Any terrain tool mod isin't helping.
  2. ifadjkifdjvk

    "Crafting" / mining problems

    Wow thanks.
  3. ifadjkifdjvk

    "Crafting" / mining problems

    Well I started a new game and I can only make canister, tethers and small generators even though I have unlocked filters and oxygen tank, can't make terrain tools or other "basic" items. Medium printer works normally. Btw I tried to play this game with my friend, he had the same problem, he couldn't craft anyting else than canister, thethers or small generators. Weird thing is that I could make other items like solar panel / mods for terrain tool. When I have full inventory and "mine" compund / resin it drops the item behind me as usual. When I mine copper and aluminium ores (full inventory) items don't drop behind me, they disappear.